About Us

GENUINE MATTERS is a platform where we provide entrepreneurs with views and knowledge about subjects that they must have a stronghold on and direction to help them survive the dynamic and ever-changing marketplace. We aim to equip the entrepreneurs with the right sense of judgment through our content and webinars that we arrange with experienced CEOs and well-known players of the corporate world.

Do you have a clear idea of how to tap funding in your business? or do you know how you can impress investors with your pitch and get them onboard? Beginning a start-up can be all the more terrifying and not lucrative if you don’t have an understanding of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

We, at GENUINE MATTERS, provide you with the in-depth knowledge and clarity that you are looking for. We have systematically arranged and a wide variety of content, concerning entrepreneurship and its working, to dive into straight away. Besides well-curated blogs on finance, news of start-ups, and its fundamentals, we have penned interviews with highly reputed CEOs of successful start-ups from the corporates realm imparting precious bits of knowledge that they gained along their journey. We also have a discussion forum as a platform to enable you to voice your opinion and discuss ideas that strike your mind. All you got to have is the capacity to inhale, an open mind to comprehend and develop perception and learn!