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Enjoy expressions of opinion especially in realm of finance, world and economics. Believe in penning pursuasive and meaningful content as the power of words can transform the most insistent and stubborn percetive and even hopefully can also bring a change in present settings of world.

How is India going to ensure Covid vaccine distribution to its large population?

With three firms confirming the efficiency of their vaccines and its ability to cure the patients, the world now confronts its next challenge of...

Is China working on biologically enhanced soldiers?

Director of U.S National Intelligence and serving under Trump administration, John Ratcliffe wrote in the recent Wall Street Journal editorial about China running tests...

Moderna Covid Vaccine 94% efficient, to ask European & US regulators for emergency use

With Covid -19 lashing out a population 7.8 billion, the news of Moderna claiming covid vaccine more than 94% efficient bought relief to our...

Is recovery in sight for the Indian economy after having slipped into recession?

23.9% was the number projected on the screens of our television, the number that gave a blow to many investors, analysts and assumingly the...

How Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s assassination is expected to turnout out for the world?

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Iranian nuclear scientist, was assassinated on November 27 with a remote-controlled machine gun in Tehran. He was the head of the...

How will WHO ensure the delivery of Covid-19 vaccine to the poor nation?

It was November 2019 when first coronavirus patient made a headline. With the world now celebrating, it's one year anniversary, the news of vaccine...

What does Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy?

Joe Biden dropped the curtain from the awaited list of his cabinet nominees on Monday. This gave the world a subject to bat about...

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