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Like researching, reading and dwelling deep in the topic to bring out the best of any subject matter, because Being opinionated is important and appreciated only if you have the appropriate and right amount of knowledge and facts to back up your material with.

Why the Government is delaying the SSC examination?

The Staff Service Commission is one of the most awaited examinations that is conducted by the government of India after UPSC, and the government...

India Need to Strengthen its geopolitical Ties.

Being blessed with a good neighborhood is the best thing that you can have, but if not then you have to create one. From...

Privatization of PSUs: Is it Atmanirbhar Bharat?

With the recent plan of privatization of many PSUs ( Public Sector Undertakings ), this is the government’s move to uplift the economy. The...

The Truth Behind India Pakistan Dossier War

Some time ago India presented a dossier in the United States stating Pakistan's terrorist activity in the country. It also claimed the allegations of...

Cyclone Nivar: A Glimpse of the Situation

For the past, two to three days news channels are flashing the news about the cyclone Nivar that can hit the areas of Tamil...

Reasons Why India quit RCEP?

India is no longer a part of the mega Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement. This blog can explain why India quit RCEP.The...

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