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Hello there, how many of you have donated blood? And How many of you donate it regularly?Today is National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. And...

Bipolar Disorder – A Barrier in front of Your Life or A New Life

Bipolar disorder is a condition where the person goes through depressive lows to maniac high mood episodes that can last few days to months.

Why Undernutrition and Obesity need your attention?

Isn’t it harrowing, that India in global hunger index 2019 stands at 102 out of 117 Countries, and ranks 3rd in obesity after America...

Pneumonia vaccine by Serum Institute of India

According to the reports of UNICEF in 2019, India accounts for 1.27 lakh deaths every year because of pneumonia. approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) for Serum's brand new indigenous vaccine against Pneumonia.

Zoonotic Diseases: Animal to Human Threat

Those diseases which transmit to humans through an animal are called Zoonotic Diseases.now we are living in crowded and unsanitary conditions, where food is prepared right next to sewer and corpses, rodents and cockroaches pollute the river water. maintain proper hygiene, keep vaccinating your pets, and eat healthy and cooked food.

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