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Simplifying Mutual Fund (4 points)

Mutual fund is a professionally managed investment instrument which pools money from a group of investors and invests the money in stocks, bonds and...

How can you set up IPO for your start-up? (7 steps)

If you are planning to set up IPO for your start-up this means that you are now all bucked up for calling out investment...

6 things unicorn businesses have in common

Unicorn businesses are any startup companies that have successfully transcended the milestone of $1 billion market value.Reaching this level if the stair is indeed...

How to bootstrap your start-up?

Funding for start-ups at times can be hard to bag. The statistics and data show dismal figures of start-ups being able to get the...

Understanding venture capitalist

If you are planning your career in a corporate field and aspiring to become an entrepreneur then one of the biggest hurdles in your...

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