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FAQs of genuine Matters

GENUINE MATTERS is an alternative media website, that is trying to provide a politically unbiased opinion and crystal clear view towards every problem and their in-depth solutions.

Alternative media are media sources that differ from main stream media in terms of their content, production, or distribution

Most of mainstream media is commercially biased and politically supported.
Alternative media challenges the existing powers to represents marginalised groups and to foster community support for them.

NOTE :- Alternative media does not hold any kind of grudges against political parties or a person or a product available in market

The main goal of GENUINE MATTERSĀ  is to provide real and important news for both – India and Indians.

GENUINE MATTERS desires to revolutionizeĀ India through independent journalism.

Since GENUINE MATTERS is not commercialized or politically owned. That’s why it becomes perfect for the hub of real media.

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The easiest way to contribute is to subscribe comment and share. You can also show your support by emailing us the topics you want us to cover. If you are an author you can share your write ups to us via Email.

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