Sexual Health: Why being vocal is important?


Focusing on health doesn’t mean only focusing on physical health. Normally, people think being fit physically is enough, but that’s not it. A person will be called healthy if he/she is physically, mentally, emotionally, socially as well as sexually healthy.

The common health aspect that is being ignored is sexual health. Due to the stigma attached to it. Consequently, people don’t usually talk about it as they feel it is embarrassing to talk about it.


Why would one discuss his/her sexual health? That’s right, but keeping mum about it when you are facing issues related to it, is not right.

One thing must be very clear to every individual that talking about their sexual health is not shameful. It is as important as physical or mental health.


What are the consequences of not being vocal about sexual health?


By not being vocal about sexual heath or other aspects related to it, we invite many serious problem. These problems can cripple any individual or even the whole society.

  • You might get frightened or won’t understand the changes taking place in your body.
  • If you keep suffering, it might give birth to other serious health and mental issues.
  • Incorrect knowledge about sexual health or rather no knowledge about it might mislead the young generation and get them into trouble.
  • Unintended pregnancy and abortion is another serious issue.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Giving rise to harmful practices (such as female genital mutilation, FGM)

To not let that happen, being vocal about sexual health is important.

Who are the one’s facing most problems?

Sexual problems

Undoubtedly, the young generation is the most vulnerable related to sexual health.

The one’s who are in their adolescence period, ones who have just discovered the changes taking place in their body, usually fall prey to such problems.


Problems like unwanted pregnancy, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction mostly occur due to youngsters’ involvement in sex at an early age without even knowing its consequences and having no prior knowledge about it.

Their immature excitement leads to this. And once they get into this, it becomes difficult and awkward for them to seek help and to even talk about it.

So, that is the reason why talking about sexual health, creating awareness, and providing knowledge about it is so important. Sex education and health have to be introduced in school.

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This should be a responsibility of those who are in contact with the young generation and
school is the best place where these topics could be introduced. So that students get correct information.


Why elders don’t talk about it?

Elder's don't talk about sexual health

Mostly, parents have that fear of talking freely about sexual health to their children as they feel this might become the only thing on which their children might focus on and might give a wrong message that its okay to have sex anytime.

But providing correct information is every parent’s and teacher’s duty. They are the ones who are very close to young ones and they have that ability to teach this in the right way. If not they, then who will talk about it? Who will the young ones reach out to?

What’s the belief of society regarding Sexual Health?

People standing

Earlier Sanskrit depicts the Kama Sutra as an ancient Indian text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life. Yet despite this rich culture revolving around sexuality we fail to be vocal about it and the healthy practices revolving around it.

The wrong belief of society that it’s not good to talk about sexual matters, many don’t open up about it. This can no longer be entertained. It’s the high time!!


Every person must get this thing right into their mind that there is no shame in talking about and opening up about sexual health. Less importance should be given to what people might think and more to be given to their own health.


summing up

Be open! Be frank! Don’t fear!

To avoid harming your own health, it is extremely important to hide nothing and lay it all out and open up about sexual health.

This is the only way to resolve sexual health-related issues. Otherwise, we could do anything about teens trusting misleading sources regarding the information on sexual health.


Guest Author: Shruti Halge

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