The mysterious disease spread in Andhra Pradesh


Since last Saturday there has been much chaos and unrest among the people of Eluru district in Andhra Pradesh. The reason is the rampant increase in the number of people who are falling sick due to a mysterious disease in Andhra Pradesh. The people are quite afraid because of this disguised biological murderer that is taking on people slowly in Eluru.

The status of mysterious disease in Andhra Pradesh

Sick people

Approximately 550 people have fallen sick and are admitted to the hospital.

Doctors claim that there is some unknown bacteria or virus that is spreading rapidly and causing the disease.

There are almost 28 hospitals in Eluru, Andra Pradesh that are providing the treatment of this mysterious disease.


Since the exact cause is not known so it’s the normal and regular treatment that is going on.

Identifying the victims of the mysterious disease in Andhra Pradesh.

Discussing the cause of mysterious disease

Many have fallen prey to this unknown hunter but the signs are clear. It can be a good thing as those people who are having the symptoms can be segregated and identified.

People that have been struck by this disease are largely showing symptoms of fits. This is the condition in which a person loses consciousness, a slight nausea and trembling of the arms and legs is common.

Many people have been brought to the hospital in an unconscious state. A state of confusion and overwhelming emotion of fear can also prevail.


Most of the people who are affected by this mysterious disease are children and adults. Almost 60% are children with an average age between 10-18 years.

Facilities provided

Arrangements of beds are made by the local government and Collector for the immediate treatment of the patients. All the government hospitals are in full swing to tackle this disease.

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Ray of hope in the mysterious disease of Andhra Pradesh

Jagan Mohan Reddy visiting patients

Deputy Chief Minister (Health) A K K Srinivasan is in action and is monitoring the whole incident on his own. Andhra Chief Minister Y S Jaggan Mohan Reddy has also planned a visit to the Eluru district to have a ground view of the whole situation.

It is also reported that most of the victims recover after a few hours and the symptoms are also reduced drastically. Almost 80% of the patients who were admitted to the hospitals are discharged.


The C T Scan reports were also taken but all turned out to be pretty normal.

Finding the cause

Drinking water can be the cause

Speculations were made that it is a waterborne disease and has been transmitted through the local water tank that was installed. Water samples had been collected and were sent to the lab for testing.

The samples are to be tested for any contamination or bacterial growth.
Next, blood samples are collected from the patients and are sent for testing and analysis at AIIMs New Delhi.

The West Godavari District joint Commissioner Himanshu Shukla is all positive regarding the disease and says that the investigation is going on well.


The data that has been provided is accurate and he believes that they are heading in the right direction.

Is neurotoxins the cause of this disease?

Lead and nickel

A report had come out claiming that the mass spread of disease in Eluru is caused by heavy metal concentration. Meals like lead and nickel are responsible for the illness.

Though this report is only a stepping stone in the journey of finding a real cause, nonetheless this shows that the destination is not far ahead. Everyone is waiting for more reports to come and spread some light on the exact cause.

Experts Supervision

The situation is now under the control of some experienced doctors from AIIMs and the National Institute of Virology. The doctors are namely Dr. Jamshed Nair, Dr. Avinash Devashtawar, and Dr. Sanketh Kulkarni who is the NCCD Deputy Director.




The situation is being accessed as a matter of priority which is the biggest thing. All the efforts are being made to counter the situation before it becomes worse. After the latest pandemic, everybody has become well aware of the consequences of negligence. Hence the norms and rules are being followed diligently. All we can hope is we find out soon about this mysterious disease.

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