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Seeing the accelerating growth in the field of science and technology our honorable Prime Minister has also decided to take a step forward. With the Vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat in his glaring eyes, PM Narendra Modi announced the PM-WANI (Wi-fi Access Network Interface) to be the next big step. This project aims at providing wi-fi connectivity in the entire Indian subcontinent.

Why do we need PM-WANI?

There are almost 560 Million internet users in the country and it is estimated that the number of users would increase to 650 Million by 2023. 

People standing in queues for jobs

There is something very shocking about this data. Although there is approximately half the population is using the internet then also the internet penetration in the country is nearly 50% which is more in comparison with the neighboring states but quite low seeing the number o users.

PM-WANI yojna aims at increasing this internet penetration to create a wide network covering everyone. 


When did this need arise?

It was mainly during the times of Covid 19 that many backlogs came to light and where attention should be diverted.

The pandemic served as the immediate cause but the need started to arise back in the times of demonetization. Were it not for the demonetization policy most of us would still be oblivious of the usage of the internet and its services. 


Online studies and contactless payment were the main areas where something was needed to be done. All these causes led to this decision. 

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Who all will be benefitted from PM-WANI?

Types of mutual funds c

Shop owners and street vendors:

The scheme is mainly for small businesses and petty vendors to encourage their growth. Many opportunities are lost when there is no internet facility available at the shops. Now there would be no such issue as the internet would be available at the go.



With the ease in transaction common people would also be on the list of beneficiaries.

How would PM-WANI benefit the government?

Digital india

The government would also be better off by the promotion of digital payments and online transactions. This system would ensure much security and transparency. It is estimated that there would be a 47% decrease in bribery as well. 

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Other beneficiaries

Through digital payments, financial inclusion would increase tremendously. It is seen that the financial earning increased by 21% in a village with digitalization. 

Mutual funds

One of the underlying benefits would be the increase in women’s economic employment. Till now women pay in cash for all the day to day expenses and services. Grocery shopping, paying fees is all done in cash but now things will take a turn for good.

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How would be the scheme implemented?

Government administration

The cabinet on giving its approval to the PM-WANI scheme has also thought about its implementation in advance.

Taking inspiration from the old school idea of setting up telephone booths, the government is planning to set up such a system in which one needs to insert a coin and avail the hotspot facility.

The cost would range from anywhere between 2rs to 2000 rs depending on the offer chosen.

What problems PM-WANI may Face?

Problem and solution

A Wi-fi with good connectivity is needed to ensure that many people can connect to it at the same point of time without having any effect on the speed provided. This could be a task for the government.


Server issues are also quite common. If we are talking about wi-fi then how can we not mention the problem of optic cable breakage?

If the quality is not up to the mark and the cables are not laid properly then it would be a frequent problem. Hanging optic fiber cable in narrow lanes invite this problem regularly.

How would the problem be countered?

The government has planned to set up PDO( Public Data Office) which would be managed by appointed Public Data Officers.

There would also be a creation of small offices in which all such work would be carried in addition to solving all the grievances.


There would also be an aggregator to monitor the working of the PDO.


data and IT

Through this plan, the government is planning to take the connectivity and network to a whole new level.

This can also be seen as a stepping stone for future projects. The government is also planning to achieve the milestones of establishing 1000 data centers in the country.

Many companies have urged the government to bring out some rules and laws regarding 5G technology. So these can be considered to be the baby steps to bring about some bigger changes. 

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