Benefits of regular Press Conference of Leaders


Regular Press Conference of Leaders is a highly debated topic, let us look at what makes it so great, but here is a question that I think you should ask yourself, Are normal people just born with leadership qualities or do they happen to build them as they go venturing this complex involuted life?

The answer to this perplexing question has been long debated by philosophers past and present but one cannot argue the simple fact that decisions and actions do tend to strengthen a person’s role as a leader of a community.

‘Intentionality’ matters. (Intentionality is a philosophical concept defined as “the power of minds to be about, to represent, or to stand for, things, properties and states of affairs”.

Building trust


As the saying goes, “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” and that can only truly be attained through taking responsibility and providing the assurance to your followers that their faith is in the right person. This applies to all forms of leadership and especially so when you are the leader of an entire demographic, an entire country.


When people give you their vote and decide to make you their representative and leader, the least they deserve from you is your time and genuine attention and the knowledge of the fact that their community and their future is in the right hands.

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press conference in india

Press conference in India

Press Conference, a public media event where journalists gather to ask their questions and other queries to the organizer (usually one on one), has at all times been a system for open communication and also peace of mind for the particular audience. As a leader, it is a person’s responsibility to give people access to the answers they need.

One might think that Press Conference of leaders are fundamental for someone with an audience this big i.e. a whole country, might be perceived as something with no necessity of being discussed in itself,

but one has little choice when living in a country whose Prime Minister, well over his 6th year of being in office, has never once held a competent Press Conference to the public.

narendra modi first press conference

Of course, this would not be true if we were to take into consideration the ‘first-ever’ Press Conference that was held in May 2019 that included the presence of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his party’s headquarters.

Yes, the one where he happened to redirect all the questions to his party president claiming that he is but a “disciplined soldier” but then again that occurrence was more of a supposed farewell speech and a presence made for the expression of ‘gratitude’ than a Press Conference.

One might also argue that the country’s supreme leader just happens to be a bit too awkward around people or just uncomfortable with public speaking but unfortunately, we happen to have facts contradicting it.

narendra modi

Even in the likelihood of the existence of some form of social anxiety or personal issue that has been stopping the leader of more than a billion people from answering their questions one on one or giving a proper unscripted full-length interview, what about the rights of the people?


A Press Conference of leaders every once in a while not only provides a great deal of assurance to the people but also supports the factor of necessary transparency.

People deserve the opportunity to ask questions that bother them and they deserve to have them answered by someone other than a spokesperson or an assistant at times.

what can be achieved through press conference of leaders

Question to be asked in press conference

It strengthens people’s trust and faith in their leader. It contributes to serious journalism which is extremely vital in maintaining a successful democracy let alone the biggest one in the world.

A democracy is supposed to put the people above and before everything else and it is practically impossible to attain without proper communication between the leaders and their people.


As Narendra Modi once said, “Unless and until you inspire the people, you will not get results. Imposition will never give you the results. Inspiration will always give you the results.” And one can inspire people only on the occasion of making themselves available to them, through communication and openness. 

Manmohan Singh Press conference

It does not do for a Prime Minister who mocked his predecessor for being ‘silent’ to avoid media this way continuously for more than 5 years of his rule, especially when the so-called “silent” PM regularly held Press Conference during his term and addressed the media on return from his foreign trips every time.


press conference of leaders in the USA and other countries

Trump Press conference

Even leaders like President Trump who openly shows his disdain for media routinely holds Press Events where he answers the questions of various journalists albeit mostly in an incoherent manner.


From insulting news reporters to calling every other inconvenient or vexing news as “fake news”, the current POTUS has never held back his tongue from speaking his mind. And speaking his mind and sharing his views has what’s made him so popular by the majority of America’s voter population even if he is frequently trolled and made fun of online. 

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, who is often accused with terms like ‘dictator’ or ‘tyrant’ has never shied away from answering questions on the get-go. This attribute of these leaders helps us understand the reason for people’s support for them. Press Conference helps a leader to connect with their audience on a personal level. It helps the leader to hear and know their people’s concerns and opinions in the firsthand. 


Press conference

The benefits of leaders holding regular Press Conference of leaders are undeniably more than a few and to summarize them is only an attempt,

  1. Assurance to the people 
  2. Transparency between the government and the public
  3. Strengths people’s trust and faith in their leaders
  4. Serious journalism in the country
  5. Protects democracy and helps in its success
  6. Helps leaders connect with their audience
  7. Communicates people’s concerns and opinions
  8. Establishes the leader as reliable and secure
  9. Strengthens the relationship between the leaders and the public

Press Conference of leaders, inherently made for ease of access of communication and espousing of common people and their representatives, thus is indispensable in a democracy, and a proficient leader will rarely fight shy of holding and participating in one. 


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