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Dating back to the month of September 2020 when some new reforms in the Farm Bill were introduced in Parliament, much of the farmers got annoyed over this decision of the government. Since then only they have assumed it to be their sole responsibility to seek justice for themselves. Nonstop farmer protests are going on
in the country especially in the northern part where most of the farmers reside. Recently Canada PM expresses concerns in Farmer’s Protest.

Lets dive deep into the whole matter.

Reasons behind farmers protest?

farmers protesting

There are two major bills that are passed in the Parliament by the name of the Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce Bill and the Farmers Agreement on
Price Assurance And Farm Service Bill. 

Both these bills aim at decreasing the monopoly and to create many more selling channels for the farmers to sell their produce. Previously the farmers used to sell
their crops in designated markets called “mandis”.


The prices were usually fixed and the government assured that the farmers do not suffer any loss in the trade process. A minimum price is also set by the government below which no one sells their crops. This minimum legal price is called Minimum Selling Price (MSP).

Now, as stated in the latest reform, the government allows the entry of private firms in the market as well and has entitled the farmers to sell to them as well.

Private firm taking over mandis

As per the farmers’ point of view, the concept of  MSP will slowly vanish and private firm owners would take control, regulating the price as per their wishes. Private organizations always aim at maximizing profits and would like to buy the material at the cheapest possible rates.

As there is free entry in the market now, price manipulation becomes easy. The exploitation of the farmers in the hands of the private firms and not being able to get a legit price for their hard work is the main concern of the protesting farmers. 

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Canada PM expresses his concerns in Farmer’s Protest

farmers protesting in large numbers

As it has been a long time since the protest is going on in the country. For the first time in history, the country is witnessing such a large dissent from the farmers.

Opinions from the global leaders and activists are bound to land either supporting the government or criticizing it.

The first global leader to do so is the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau. On Tuesday, the PM took it on to Twitter and expressed his disagreement which the Indian Government for not listening to the farmers. He tweeted “ Canada will always be there to protect the right of peaceful protests”.

farmers protest

This gave a direct indication of the negligent attitude that the government has
portrayed in the past few months.


The PM also stated that the Indian Government is not protecting the right to protest as but using water sprays and crying gas bombs on the farmers.

Why is the government stopping the protest?

The government says that protests lead to instability in the society and hence it wants to end it. Also, the government agreed to talk to the farmers on the
condition of them protesting at an allotted spot to which the farmers refused. 

credits: THE QUINT

The government also states that there is no such mention of the abolition of MSP that the farmers are scared of. They also claim that the farmers are ill-informed about the bill and there is no need for such a protest. 

Is this a violation of Human Rights?

To an extent yes, as this can be considered as a violation of Human Rights. Article 19 (1)(b) of the Indian Constitution guarantees the right to assemble peacefully without any arms.

Police lathicharge on farmers

Article 19 (1)(a) also ensures the right to speech and expression. If it is clearly mentioned in the constitution itself; then why is that government is so hell-bent on devoiding the farmers of their rights.

Showing disagreement with any decision of the government and standing up against it is one of the features of a democratic government. If the farmers are not allowed to even carry out a peaceful protest. Then it raises a big question mark on the future that we are heading towards.

Is it right for any global leader to comment?

Global leaders comments

So as we all know Canada PM expressed his concerns for Farmer’s Protest. Unfortunately, some Indian Leaders said it is a threat to the sovereignty of the country. And intrusion into the Internal matters of India.

People all around the world have the right to expression. When countries trade with each other and develop relations then they also have some social right to present their views openly.


There is nothing wrong with presenting your views. If global leaders can praise
each other for their achievements and victory then they can as well point out their backdrops. 

Things like this only help and none of this is done with an intention of hurting the other nations’ sentiments. So all of this should be treated as a mere perspective and someone’s individual opinion. 

In incidents such as “black lives matters” people all across the world supported it wholeheartedly. This has nothing to do with going against the government’s
decision but is just a way of presenting one’s views.


Farmers and police

After so much internal pressure and the emerging support from political leaders, the government should reconsider its decision. If so much dissent prevails in the country it’s not a good sign.


Such a protest will only create a situation of chaos and unrest among the people. Henceforth, the citizens will lose their trust in the government’s decisions. The farmers form the backbone of the country and their interests should be kept before others.

There is an urgent need for the government to look peacefully into the matter. And to work in favor of the farmers this time.

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