Coaching Centres do they make or mar our future?


Think of all the coaching centres you know now? (Yes, all the names because I won’t mention any name) This is a mandatory article for all children and parents before they enrol in any coaching centre.

Before getting started I want to mention a few things, first I am not shading any private tuition centre, my intentions are not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, neither I am a hater of these private tuition centres, whatever I am going to write is best of my knowledge and experience, and I agree exceptions are there.

So, all parents want their children to be successful, and all children want to fulfil their parent’s unfulfilled desires.

So at what class you started taking tuitions? Do comment down below. And why do you even have to enrol? So let’s get things started.


The role of education

coaching centres

Education is the moral right of every child in India. Education is the first crucial step for a country to develop financially and also resourcefully.

Indian government with the introduction of New Education Policy 2020 has taken a very bold yet subtle step to make young minds grow and expand their domains of knowledge, also helping them in acquiring invaluable life skills.

Indian Education System was in dire need of these changes but the coaching culture which has grown parallelly to our education system is a big hindrance in making India skilful. 

The expanding coaching industry

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I remember once the students who went to coaching centres were considered to be weak in academics but now the situation has changed dramatically.


Above all, private tuitions have started dominating our education system. According to a report published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the coaching industry grows up to 15% every year.

The private tuition industry is still unorganized and it is therefore tough to know the exact data. The Asian Development Bank stated not only 82% of high-school students but also 60% of primary school students take additional help from coaching centers.

Reasons for the massive growth of coaching centers?


Several reasons contributed to the massive growth of the coaching centres, I will mention reasons from three perspectives- a student, a parent, and lastly a teacher.

A Student:

The reason why a student joins a coaching centre is because of his inability to grasp concepts from school. The lower grades result in outcasting him from friends and family. As a result, he/she feels demotivated by his low scores and thinks he is a failure. He thinks his life will change after joining coaching. Consequently, he will start scoring well. Henceforth, he will join an IIT, or become a doctor and will have a secure future.


A Parent

Every middle-class family in India, wants their child to have a secure job. So they look up to Government jobs or a job with a high pay scale. It’s not their fault to think like that, because “poverty is not just a lack of money”.

They try to provide the required resources to their children by all means. They believe that coachings would transform their children into a topper.

One more reason is that now since both the parents are working, they are unable to devote their time teaching their wards. So they switch to coaching centers to help their wards.

A Teacher

Most of the teachers in coaching are well qualified, some of them are teachers of a government school as well.


So why do these well-qualified teachers start their coaching centres?

The reasons are simple, either they didn’t qualify for any prestigious government/ private school. Or the wages from teaching in school are not adequate for them so to earn extra money from teaching in private coaching. In short, unemployment or low income of teachers are the main reasons.

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The dark side of a coaching culture


In addition to the scams appearing in leading newspapers, the negative effect of coaching on students is very prevalent.

Dwindling attention of students:

Most of the students are not attentive during school, they often bunk their classes as they have to study the same thing in their coaching.


Poor health conditions:

“All work and no play makes Jack dull and grey”. Now, this is another key point, often the school-going children are very dull.

Most of the children are obese. They are not even interested in running or playing during their sports period in school because they are often found with a book in their hand, mugging up the physics/ chemistry/ maths formulas.

Retarded mental growth:

This effect is seen later on in life. Since most of the children are enrolled in coaching class at a very early age where they are spoon-fed.

As a result the basic problem-solving skills stop developing. Communication skills are also affected. Moreover , children hesitate to face challenges on their own.


All these skills are equally important in constructing a good personality. how an individual excel in his /her career without an impressive personality?


Extreme Mental pressure:

Children are often expected to perform well after joining a coaching class. I am very sorry to say, in reality, most of the students don’t meet the expectations.

It must be remembered, a tiny percentage of students crack the national competitive exams JEE/ NEET. What about the rest of the students? Should we label them as a failure?

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Big- budget investment:

How much money do parents invest for the admission of their ward into these coaching centres? It can vary from Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,50,000. You might be thinking why such a huge difference?


It is simply because of the tactics of these coaching centers to enrol a bright student at a low cost and seize a hefty amount from the average and dull students.

Firstly, the more the number of bright students the better can be their promotion, the better the promotions the more numbers of students at their centers. Also, the more the number of students the more is their profit. Simple isn’t it? Evidently, ethics will always lose against profit.

Economic burden:

Have you ever wondered, how a middle class or a lower-middle-class family afford such high costs? It is not just the institution fees but also the transportation and accommodation fees a parent has to look after.

On average, the total expenditure is around 3-7 lakhs. That is almost equal to the annual income of the middle-class families. So, do you agree with me that it is partiality based on money for education?

uncertain results

Uncertain results:

As mentioned earlier, there is no guarantee that a child will end up in IITs or Government medical college.  

Mr Narayan Murthy, the chairman of Infosys technologies said while addressing the PAN- IIT summit in New York  –

“the quality of an IITian has decreased notably because of a coaching culture and its narrow focus, their performance in IITs and job is not as good as it used to be”.

Mr Narayan Murthy

Another shocking revelation by IIT Guwahati  52.4% of students qualifying IIT- JEE never went to coaching centers, they cracked the prestigious exams from school studies. Think about it atleast once, do our children really need any coaching?

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uncertain results

With the massive growth of coaching centres in the past decade, I think it is a portrayal of our weak education system. So strengthening the current education system would help to control the growth of coaching centres.


The effects of New education policy 2020 still unknown, but we hope it will bring a positive impact on the student’s life.

Various measures can be taken by both the government and the public.

On the parent’s side, it becomes equally important to make them realize that there is no difference between science, arts, and commerce.

For a student, I would say to do what makes you happy, like if you find interest in a particular sport, do everything to excel in it.


One more thing that can be done, is to join coaching only for that subject in which you feel weak, instead of taking coaching of all subjects.

For our tuition teachers, if you feel like teaching is your passion then many students are waiting to learn from you. Why teach a limited number of students when you can teach globally on YouTube. If you get enough subscribers your monthly income could be 6-8 lakhs. I bet no one is paying you this much.

Firstly our government can do for us is to timely recruit the teachers. Secondly, schools with fewer faculties should be provided with video lectures.

at the same time, regular inspection of schools and strict action against teachers for dereliction of duty is crucial.


and lastly, strict punishment for all Government school teachers found teaching privately.

Also, reducing the social and economic gap between rural and urban areas. It is time to bring back the attention to our school education system.



Coaching culture does they make or mar our future is a very controversial topic. But I believe the sole reason for the growth of private coaching centers is the weak schooling in India.

In the end, people should understand; just like food supplements cannot replace the food, similarly private coaching centers cannot replace the education provided by our schools.


It must be remembered that self-study, and additional help from any online or offline books or youtube, and solving the previous year’s question paper are enough for average and above-average children to crack any exams.

in short, don’t fall for the lucrative offers and promising future promises of coaching institutes. You are enough to make your future.

Without delay comment down below your opinions regarding the topic; Do you too think coaching culture is a curse for the children? Or do you support coachings? Do you have any other possible solutions? We are eager to know your views.

Roshni Bandhu
Takes pride in providing the best content about India and various problems of society. she believes in perfection, Her goal is to make India a better place of living and to make people aware of their role in nation’s development

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