Coding from 6th class: a great or adverse move?


We all are well aware of the government’s approval of NEW EDUCATION POLICY (NEP), made with a vision to transform India dexterously by 2030. The policy spurted as a roller coaster ride for students to understand the vision properly. Some aspects of the policy took the nation by storm and soon became the talk of the world. One such aspect is the introduction of coding from class 6th.

Coding small steps towards Digital India

Digital india

“CODING” a strategy of the Indian government to act as the ace of spades to pave
ways towards a developed country.

The government has decided to make “CODING” mandatory for all students since class 6. Students will get to learn programming languages and develop apps.

The study pattern and syllabus are said to be curated beneficially for students in a vision of digital India. The world is undergoing various changes and NEP can be referred to as the Digital Revolution’s baby steps of India.


har Ghar ki Kahani


These days there is a particular name that has been doing rounds in almost every household
in India i.e. “Chintu”. Now Chintu, a modern 21 st century kid, is an enigma and like the
typically studious and well behaved Sharma Ji ka beta.

The reason he is an enigma that he managed to do something that billions of people have wanted to do since they knew coding that is creating an application of their own but there is a catch: Chintu is a 6-year-old child.

Now, this is either absolutely preposterous or India is developing in a manner incomparable
to anywhere in the world and might soon start churning out exceptional coders by std-12.

Cost of Coding in School

Kid operating laptop

The thought of making your child adept at coding from an early age might be a tempting
thought after all 21 st century is a fast-paced world with tempestuous competition so why not
make sure your child has the required knowledge from an early age and secure them a good
future. But at what cost?


Take a pause and think about this. The world is evolving, true but that doesn’t connote that we should push a child to code at an age where he ought to be figuring out whether he should buy a Batman or Ironman figurine.

Sacrificing all that innocent year of childhood, unknowingly becoming a part of the rat race at an early age, important life lessons for coding seems a hefty price to pay. Coding is one area of study that requires absolute dedication, focus, and knowledge.

Trying to imbibe the vast and chaotic coding knowledge from such a tender age will have an adverse effect on the kid itself.

Coding languages

Coding and learning languages like C, C++, JAVA, Web Development, Machine Learning,
Big Data has the ability to turn even the veteran coders to quake in their boots.


But now we have online coaching institutes claiming and advertising that they can achieve this feat with a child of mere age of 6.

Read our detailed analysis on How coaching culture is affecting Education System

The Exemplar Coders of India

jashith narang and Ayush sankar

People might argue that this year itself two Std-5 kids namely Jashith Narang and Ayush
hailing from Mumbai won the first and fourth position in App Inventor Hackathon
2020, held by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) so why not their kid.

Kudos to the kids for bringing reality to a dream held by many coders around the globe but their
intention behind building their app was different.

Utilizing their spare time to create more awareness about the environment spurred them to playfully develop the app using Scratch (a coding language).

Child operating laptop

But what the online coding platforms are offering is a thinly veiled attempt of capitalizing. Forcing your kid to take up this offer might end up killing the talent your child was born with.

Kids studying in std-6 are still dreaming of becoming a pilot, astronaut, soldier, dancer, singer, and everything else. At an age where they are not sure of what they should grow up to be, asking them to code, limiting their dream space, plastering them to their chairs would be a sacrilege.

is the step right medically?

Coding requires absolute attention, language, memory, math, logic, and creativity.

To dive a little into the depth of medical science, we can find studies held by the topmost universities of the world to scan the brain of coders while they worked. The outcome published was as follows:-

Children studying in group

Now let’s look at the brain of a child in std-6 as published by top universities:
The neural connections or ‘grey’ matter is still pruning, brain wiring is still under process, the
fatty tissues surrounding neurons or ‘white matter’ increase and assist in speeding up the
electrical impulse and stabilize connections.

The prefrontal cortex starts developing and matures the last at age of 23-26 years. To sum it up in medical terms even the brain of the child is not yet fully developed to handle the coding.



While reaching a stage earlier than most children can be celebrated and lauded, we should not
focus on making sure that our children are “ahead” only in certain areas. Instead, we should
focus on encouraging horizontal integration of the current abilities that our children have at a
certain age. A child should always be developed comprehensively not singularly in an aspect.
It would do more harm than good.


A child ought to be educated properly at their early phase and here education is not limited to
only the school subjects but also the overall personality development of the child. There is a
famous quote by Sir Albert Einstein: “Education is what remains after one has forgotten
everything he learned in school. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal
education.” Rear your child compendiously not singularly for coding at such a juvenile age
and they will grow up to be wonderful kids even better than “Chintu”.


Guest Author: Suchismita Naik

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