Cyclone Nivar: A Glimpse of the Situation


For the past, two to three days news channels are flashing the news about the cyclone Nivar that can hit the areas of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, located in the southern part of the Indian Peninsula.

The possibility of the arrival of the cyclone was reported by the IMD (Indian Meteorological Department). The department is also responsible for forecasting weather reports in the country.

Seeing the arising strong winds that have their origin in the Bay of Bengal, the IMD reached this conclusion. The cyclone can hit the area with an intensity ranging between 130-145 mph.

What is a cyclone?

How does a cyclone look

Whenever there is a creation of a low pressure area on the ground or over a water body, the winds that are of relatively higher pressure rush towards it.


The wind starts to form a spiral that grows bigger with time. That is how a cyclone is formed. Now this cyclone moves from its place of origin to another place with the winds.

Cyclones are mainly characterized by strong winds and drizzle in the speculative area. Heavy rain is also seen after some time.

What causes a cyclone?

what causes a cyclone

As discussed above the creation of a low pressure area is what starts the formation of a cyclone.

A low-pressure area is formed when the air closest to the ground or the water body gets warm due to some natural phenomenon or weather condition.


This causes the air to rise from the surface. As warm air is relatively lighter in comparison to the moist area.

High humidity in the adjoining area is also one of the supporting  factors of the cyclone.

 A geographical phenomenon named the “Coriolis force” further assists in the process.

What should be done?

The immediate  step that is required in such a time is the  immediate evacuation of the area that is supposed to be hit by the cyclone.


The people of the place should be shifted to a much safer place beforehand to prevent any loss of life.

Disaster management in cyclone

Another step that should be taken is that the Disaster management team should be informed and should also report to the site in no time.

Some food arrangements should also be made and some other essential items should be arranged beforehand.

A nearby hospital should be contacted with ready beds, a ventilator facility, an oxygen supply, and a blood bank. These are some of the prerequisites that are important at such times.  

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Steps taken by the government to check cyclone nivar.

NDRF team

The government is also working at its best. Our honorable Prime Minister on 24th of November 2020,  addressed the people of Tamil Nadu about the precautions to be taken.

He also talked about hoping about the good and relieved the people of much worry by talking in a calming manner. He also talked about the financial help that the center would be providing.

The CM of Tamil Nadu Mr. Edappadi Karuppa Palaniswami is also tracking the situation on the ground level. He is also updating the country about cyclone Nivar from time to time.

Other steps

Trains and flights have also been cancelled keeping the situation in view.




Firstly, I would request all the people living in nearby areas to be safe in their homes. Don’t go out into the streets unnecessarily. To ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. Try to get regular updates about cyclone Nivar. Not to mention to keep your disaster management kit handy.

There is no reason to worry as we have appropriate arrangements to deal with the situation. Tamil Nadu has previously encountered many such catastrophic situations and has always faced it with utmost bravery.

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