How the World can counter China Strategies


Many foreign and strategic experts concur on one thing, that the 21st is the century of Asia, Moreover, they believe that the 21st century will be defined by the rise of India, China and Japan as we are into the third decade of the century we all believe that the rise of Communist China is inevitable but all countries want the peaceful rise of China so that the world order, world peace and the ruled based order that we live in stays conserved, lets us look at how the world can counter china strategies

1989 Tiananmen Square

The Republic of China, in April this very year, received an internal report circulated by the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations and the report concluded that “global anti-China sentiment is at its highest since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.”

While the discontent towards China is no matter of surprise for the common people because they have their obvious reasons,

it is important to note that the various administrations of the world have joined them because of a set of reasons that cover political, economical and administrative concerns.

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The Rise of China

Chinese President

When Mao Zedong founded the People’s Republic of China, China had already witnessed a bloody civil war. The nation was in extreme poverty with its own set of struggles.

In comparison to India, China opened its economy much sooner, changed its economic policy to suit western companies which resulted in China becoming the manufacturing hub it is now today.

This also attributed to the fact that it stuck correct alliance with the Western powers at the correct times. It allied with the US to keep Russia led Soviet bloc in check.

Successive US presidents from Nixon took this partnership to new heights and allowed the Chinese to gain the advanced technologies of that time to stay ahead in the race of Asia. Leaders like Deng Xiaoping, whose ideology of biding time to show your true colour and modernising the country also attributed to its rise on the world stage.

5 fingers

Mao also followed sensible foreign policies vis a vis its neighbours. Mao’s ideology of Five Fingers of Tibet, with Tibet as the palm and Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh as its fingers and having the mandate to annex these regions into Chinese territory worked well the contain their only rival in the region, India.

This ensured that the buffer state of Tibet between the two countries be controlled by China to ramp up pressure whenever the need arises on India. India till now has been very lax in its response to Chinese aggressiveness.

current scenario of how the world can counter china strategies

The Chinese market has become increasingly more assertive and is backed by the government, their policies trade and economic policies have become increasingly discriminatory and they have strayed from domestic and foreign policies that were previously favoured by their foreign allies.

Tiktok ban

China’s growing ambition for military expansion has also become a cause of concern leading several countries like India and the USA to ban apps like Tiktok for security concerns.


Countries like Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Romania have joined the USA in signing agreements which provides for the limitation of the role of Huawei in their countries, these are some of the ways the world can counter china strategies.

In recent years, China has quite admirably progressed in establishing good diplomatic and economic relationships as well as achieving the stature of becoming a very much needed donor of public goods.

Today, almost every household worldwide possesses at least one commodity that is made in China. The countries of the world have become more and more dependent on China and this has threatened the self-sustainability of these countries.

5 G technology over a city
5 G technology and challenges

The rising concerns do not limit to economic reasons as there are certain security concerns as well, there is fear for national security from China’s 5G technology.


The various countries of the world have taken measures to counter china strategies, however, these measures will fall short until each country becomes capable of producing their labour and goods rather than outsourcing to cheaper foreign alternatives.

The United Kingdom has proposed a notion wherein all the G7 countries with Australia, India and South Korea included would form a “D10 club of democratic partners” their main goal would be to create alternative suppliers of 5G technology.

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Such a proposal is an example of many such measures that can be taken by the world can counter china strategies.

We must accept that fact that boycotting China completely all at once would be impossible, in this modern globalized world all countries must remain connected to each other, the isolation of any country could lead to ramifications. so what are the possible ways by which the world can counter china strategies?


Understanding the Chinese Mentality

countries of the world

Chinese strategic thinking has always been a hawkish view of things. Chinese foreign policy mandarins and leaders consider China to be the cradle of civilization (the oldest civilisation in the world) and other civilisations are beneath them in superiority.

China has always made sure that it made amends to the unfair, unequal treaties that the country under the Qing dynasty was made to sign with the western colonial powers like the British, France and Tsarist Russia.

This shameful period is known to be “The Century of Humiliation” in Chinese history. Every Chinese leader has vowed to overturn that period, make amends and lead China to the path of greatness.

Chinese President

The current Chinese president, Xi Jinping, wants to lead to the Chinese dream where China is the dominant power in the world.


He wants to achieve this dream by any means possible be it either by bullying countries, transgressing the sovereignty of countries with which China has territorial disputes or putting smaller countries into debt traps to occupy strategic positions. 

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Methods adopted by the CCP to ensure the rise of China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is synonymous with the Government of China. The CCP under Xi Jinping has believed that China’s time has come to rise on the world stage breaking Deng’s policy to bide their time.

India us china

After Xi was made ruler for life, we can see that a belligerent China is rising. It has now picked up fights with many western countries like the US, Canada. Also continuing to make trouble for its neighbours, China is transgressing into India’s side of LAC.

It is now trying to open multiple fronts for a localised war. It is also now playing mind games and trying to start a hybridised war with India.


Many of its maritime neighbours are complaining that China is violating the marine boundaries by setting up man-made islands in the territories of Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and others.

China is not upholding international rulings like that of the maritime tribunal on the South China Sea. It has asserted its control on the region without having any evidence of any previous occupation.

It has started a trade war with many countries. It has also made some countries its vassal states by making them sunk into major debts by making them involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

So the 20th century has seen the rise of a bully China trying to assert its dominance and trying to change the rule-based order to suit its needs.


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Ways to Counter China strategies

The international community has many options by which the world can counter china strategies. However a few will have a quite quick impact than others. China is always cautious about its image on the international stage.

It has always tried to show itself a squeaky clean country with a great growth story. It has crushed dissent which tries to show otherwise. Some options the international communities have:

Support for Taiwan


China does not like it when countries try to establish full diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China considers a part of its own country.


China is trying all possible means to integrate democratic Taiwan into the mainland. The Chinese bureaucracy gets very touchy when countries extend support to Taiwan opposing the One China policy, recognising itself as the true China.

All major democracies must establish full diplomatic relations with Taiwan and should disregard the current One China policy to recognise Taiwan as a separate independent country, this is one of the possible ways the world can counter china strategies

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Support the Tibetan Cause

Dalai Lama and president mukharjee

China had illegally annexed the territory of Tibet which it now calls the Tibet Autonomous Region. It has now systematically reduced the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and indoctrinated the population with Communisms.

It has refused to recognise the Panchen Lama, the person who chooses the next Dalai Lama, endangering the tradition of Dalai Lama, which all Tibetans value. Independence of Tibet will also allow having India to have a buffer state with China which will control Chinese aggression.


Highlighting Human Rights Abuses  

All countries must highlight human rights abuse which the Uighur Muslims suffer. China must be shamed and its image tarnished for such abuses done to ethnic minorities, Muslim countries need to come forward to counter china strategies

Strengthening of Anti-China Alliances and Economic Actions 

Strengthening of Anti China Alliances and Economic Actions compress11 1 | GENUINE MATTERS

All countries must strengthen their anti-China alliances like the Quad to counter the Chinese influence in the Asia Pacific regions. Countries must take steps to lure out companies out of China. This will ensure that the economic leverage which China currently boasts off will be significantly reduced and will make it weak internationally.


conclusion of how the world can counter china strategies

Boycott china

Xi Jinping is now hell-bent to make China the lone superpower in the world. He is using every known method to make sure that his China dream is achieved.

However, he must realise that his way of bullying countries, twisting their arms by the hyper aggressiveness will not cement its rise as a superpower.


If China keeps continuing on its belligerent path, it may face its second “Century of Humiliation”. All major countries must take notice of this rise in China.

If they all value the ruled based order which has existed for many years, now leaders must take concrete steps to ensure the peaceful rise of China so that a destabilising force does not rise to the top of the ladder of world politics.

To summarise these are the possible ways of the world can counter china strategies

  • Support for Taiwan
  • Highlighting Human Rights Abuses  
  • Support the Tibetan Cause
  • Strengthening of Anti-China Alliances and Economic Actions 
  • Tarnishing their image in the global stage


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