IPL Amid Corona: What’s At Stake?


With the COVID -19 pandemic hitting the world, everything in the world took a halt. It also included sports industries across the globe Cricket (IPL season for India), Football, Basketball & many other sports were suspended indefinitely.

However, as time passed by, people wanted to return to their regular lives. So, it slowly began to start resuming sports activities with several precautions.

In India, the months of April and May are no less than a festive season because of the love for cricket and IPL in the country.

But due to pandemic, the BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India) decided to either scrap or postponed the tournament. 


Returning to normalcy

A few months later, when other sports started to resume, BCCI also made a statement reflecting that the most prominent domestic T20 league in the world will take place this year. Hearing this, the fans rejoiced;

However, the critics started questioning why is it necessary to risk the lives of the players.

The controversy broke out on the internet when even the Indian Government gave the green signal to conduct IPL overseas, at the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


IPL did found a venue to conduct the tournament. However, the franchise was left with no title sponsor as the Chinese Smartphone Brand – VIVO withdrew their sponsorship.


This left the franchise to find a new title sponsor. Since IPL has a huge fan base and following, many companies were instantly attracted to this opportunity.

dream 11 IPL

The franchise has made it open for companies to bid their amount for the rights and DREAM 11 won the rights by making a whopping bid of INR 222 Crores ( $30.259 Million ).

precautions before the start of IPL

Though there was great excitement among the fans, the players were given strict guidelines to be followed to ensure that no player gets affected by the virus.

The Officials also confirmed thorough testing and quarantine periods to isolate the players when they arrive in UAE.


The board tested over 2000 people of all teams, coaches, physiotherapists and other necessary people. Among them 13 people which included two players who tested positive for COVID-19.

The news broke out like wildfire, and many players were looking up to withdraw their names in the circumstances.


One of the players to draw their names was the Chennai Super Kings Off Spinner, Harbhajan Singh. However, he said that there were personal reasons and hence he needed to pull out from this year’s IPL edition.

The board has ensured that every venue will make safe, and precautions will be taken for players. Players who would arrive in mid-IPL have to compulsory isolate themselves for a certain period. 


But why didn’t the board skip the tournament and why did they choose September to start the game? It’s straightforward, Loss of Revenue.

READ IN-SPACe private sector in ISRO

THE ECONOMICAL REASON for conducting of ipl


The brand value of IPL during the previous year was said to be around Rs 47500 Crores (US$6.7 billion).

Also, IPL is said to be one of the significant incomes for the board to run smoothly.

If IPL 2020 were said to be scrapped, the board would face a loss of Rs 2000 Crores (US$ 224 Million). Hence scrapping wouldn’t have worked up well for BCCI.


Looking at another aspect, since there are not many sports being played, IPL can quickly gather billions of people from all over the world.

Also, for people to watch IPL online, they need to buy subscriptions with adds up to their revenue. Since not many people are ready to go out, they will probably get bored and watch IPL.

Also, the board made another brilliant move to ensure that the timings of the matches remain to be in the night. Many people who are now working from home are usually working from 9 to 5.

Hence, they will switch to IPL to get some entertainment after their work hours.



IPL teams

This will probably result in boosting the viewership of the sport by quite a lot. So this move could be turn out to be a game-changer for the board.

For the safety of the player and staff, no audience would be allowed to attend the matches. Many fans in the country are seeking the return of IPL. The BCCI would also hope that this tournament runs smoothly and would be loved by the fans too.

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