The only welfare this lockdown has done to its citizens is opening the eyes of the audience towards the biased media.

We have witnessed the suddenness of the fall of ethics of journalism. The standards of a healthy media crushed beneath the heap of stacked money funded by anonymous sources which we all know of,

Nothing harms the society more than a bias media which functions as the puppet of its own Government.

fake journalism

In a country like India where the majority of its citizens don’t live in metropolitan cities, it’s way easier to brainwash them. Repetition of made up lies being broadcasted throughout the country has way more adverse effects than we all can ever think of. 

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It’s a marketing strategy these days for the news agencies to discredit the ones who raise their voice against the unjust acts of the government.

rana ayuub

The image of journalists like Rana Ayyub, Fayed D’Souza, Ravish Kumar is tried to put down by allegations even though they’re just a few of those brave voices who come up against the government and ask them about things we aren’t even bothered about.

The IT cell plays a very important role here in pushing the propaganda of the party via the media houses, FB meme pages, Instagram advertising and endless tech routes.

social media site

It seems like they’ve made questioning the government a taboo and these media houses defend the government which really should make you think why I call them the biased media.


Lakhs of citizens being brainwashed via fake WhatsApp messages and trimmed clips of these news channels shows where only the section where the opposition is being targeted is circulated.


No bias media house questions the home ministry asking why the prime minister has not held a single open press conference in the past 6 years.

We don’t realise the number of efforts it takes to bring down the image of a reputed media house or fitting into everyone’s head that Rahul Gandhi is indeed a “PAPPU.”


The government has succeeded in brainwashing it’s citizens that whatever it does is correct and shouldn’t be questioned or they will honour you with the title of Anti-National or arrest you under UAPA.



Right before and throughout the lockdown we’ve witnessed the central government toppling state governments and firing at them various allegations.

Be it the Tablighi jamaat or the poor handling of corona in Maharashtra and Delhi. None of the biased media houses has questioned the government of why it didn’t shut down the airports when corona was already rapidly spreading across the globe?

namaste trump event

Clearly, the Namaste Trump event scheduled on 24-25th of February and toppling and capturing the Madhya Pradesh state government in mid-March was more crucial for the central government than the safety of its citizens.

What else can the reason be to not take immediate actions when there were nearly a dozen countries affected already.

bjp and congress

During the lockdown, the bias media remained silent on such topics but wisely selected headlines to defame the non-BJP states.

Our prime minister remained silent during the Delhi riots but came forward asking us to bang our thalis for the frontline soldiers.

Doesn’t it make you question the power the PM holds that he makes a country like India come to their windows and make them do a PR act but not come up and shut down the chaos that was created during the riots?

No doubt both the left and right-wing completed their propagandas with the help of paid goons but the integrity of our country was let down.


Komal Sharma is still unidentified, Kapil Mishra wasn’t arrested even though he made a hate speech in the presence of police but the biased media houses made sure they defamed Deepika for mourning for the riots but nobody questioned the ABVP students who were involved.

The time when migrants were walking back to their villages while the government barely helped them,

But the central government placed 72000 led screens in Bihar so that Amit Shah could successfully complete his Bihar virtual rally.

sonu sood

Sonu Sood did the deeds that the central government was responsible for doing but nobody questioned.


The biased media wants content which promotes their propaganda, not something which would hurt the essence of the party’s reputation.

We have to understand as a country where we are heading and what are its drawbacks.

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput paved the way for the longest duration of the mockery of the Indian media houses.


sushant singh rajpoot

The whole nation woke up to the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput and everyone shed their tear for the talented boy.


The day when the incident happened the bias media houses could have broadcasted on how to identify signs of mental illnesses, how to tackle mental health and not call it a taboo like every second Indian does.

But instead, they ran after every possible relative of SSR to get a few words from their mouth.

The way they harassed his father who lost his only son was asked on how he was feeling on the death of his loved son.

rhea chakraborty

The biased media houses then pushed the conspiracy of his death and suggested foul play.


They discredited the post mortem reports and started playing a circus for 4½ long months and covered up the wrongdoings of the government and now we’re back to the reports from AIIMS calling it a suicide.

From the fall of GDP to bills being passed out without the opposition to the poor healthcare facility to the scam of PM Cares Fund these biased media houses kept their mouths shut and didn’t retaliate when its own country needed them most.


media puppet of goverment

Is this the type of journalism we expect or are the TRP filled shows with anchors shouting and shutting down panel members who point out facts with disrespect the new normal?

The biased media houses don’t have power without our views just like the biased government that doesn’t stand a chance without our votes.


Unless we don’t start raising our voices against the content being broadcasted they will not slow down.

republic tv news anchor saying mujhe drugs do

They will get on every single nerve cell of yours until you’re drugged into believing that a guy saying, “MUJHE DRUGS DO” on national television is really a journalist.

The way Bajaj and Parle refused to air their advertisements on these biased media houses, we need more of these brave acts to get our country back to the fabric of secularity.

We don’t want the media houses and political parties turning Hindus against Muslims. We don’t want the media houses and political parties promoting their propaganda while our international image is being shattered.


We don’t want the media houses and political parties to be biased anymore. We want a country where freedom of expression is respected from both sides.


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