Recent investment in JIO and future plans


Jio constantly made the headlines since the announcement of the cheapest 4G services in the whole world, but from the last 58 days, the buzz hasn’t stopped buzzing.

Recently google invested in Jio platforms for 7.7% minority stakes that mark the 14th mega-investment in the company in the last 58 days. A cumulative total of Rs 1,51,325.45 crores was invested in  Jio platforms amounting to  a total of 32.97% stake making it a net debt-free company 

Mukesh Ambani led Jio platforms that were founded in 2007 has two of the leading silicon valley tech companies Facebook and Google in its investor’s list. Which is  unique in its own kind

Reliance made itself net debt-free, way ahead of its march 2021 goal This capital raise is significantly in excess of their Net Debt of ₹ 161,035 crores at the end of FY19-20. 


Reliance also became the first Indian company to reach a market capitalization of $150 billion.

Recent investment in JIO platforms.

As data is the new oil, and the world is in transit phase of entering the next evolution which will be lead by 5G, its time for Indian government and companies to direct their fund in the right direction in order to make India self-reliant and leading in technology sector all over the globe.

Reliance jio is leading the technology revolution in India by infusing the right capital at the right time and in the right direction.

Jio invested 2.5 lakh crores between 2010-2016 which made it high debt-ridden company, and because of which it was hard for JIO to attract investors and run their future plans smoothly but with the recent investment jio is able to make itself a truly net debt-free company which will benefit reliance jio and India in the race of becoming Atmanirbhar Bharat.


Now jio can focus and accelerate in setting up 5G technologies and cell towers, which will put India in par with the developed countries 

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While setting up 4G services India has sought the help of Samsung but now JIO has devolved 5G equipment from scratch using its own in house R&D facilities

In May 2020, the enterprise value of Jio Platforms was estimated to be at $72 billion or  ₹5.15 trillion

  • Total Stake (%) in JIO platforms
  • 20200722 223153 0000 | GENUINE MATTERS

Here is the list of all 14 investors.

InvestorAmount (In Crore Rupees)Stake (%)
Silver Lake Partners5,655.751.15
Vista Equity Partners11,367.002.32
General Atlantic6,598.381.34
Silver Lake Partners and co-investors (additional investment)4,546.800.93
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority5,683.501.16
L Catterton1,894.500.39
Public Investment Fund11,367.002.32
Intel Capital1,894.500.39
Qualcomm Ventures7300.15

Reliance currently has a stronghold on recurring business models i.e. it’s retail and telecommunication business but for reliance to enter the next revolution, it has to step in the technology sector, and since its launch, it has provided numerous of apps in almost all kind of sectors (jio chat,jio money, jio jio Savan jio cinema, jio news, etc) but it’s well known that all these apps haven’t scaled itself to lead their particular segment.

Before the launch of jio, India ranked 155th on the internet uses rank but with the launch of jio an exponential rise in Indian internet usage which made India stand in the first place.

Since its launch in September 2016 jio has added 369.93 million active subscribers in just a short span of time.


A joint venture (JV) between BP and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

joint venture (JV) between BP and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

UK’s BP has invested $1 billion for a 49% stake in Reliance Industries for a fuel retail joint venture, which the two companies announced last year.

The new Reliance BP Mobility ltd (RBML) in which RIL holds 51% rights will operate under the jio-BP brand and can take advantage of reliance presence in 21 states and millions of customers.

The RBML aims to expand the fuel retailing business to over 5,500 fuel stations over the next five years from the current 1400, They also aim to expand their presence from 30 to 45 airports in the coming years.

Future plans


Reliance was having a stronghold on retail and petrochemical business, but technology is something which can create a strong and powerful impact in a short span of time, so JIO first entered in the telecommunication business and slowly they are leading towards a tech-driven company, with the partnership of Facebook and Google, reliance can pave their way for becoming a technology giant in India.


Jio has several businesses which include data centres, artificial intelligence machine learning, virtual and augmented reality,5G services and the list goes on. 

RIL truly identified data as the new oil in the upcoming revolution, and they started working for it, JIO can integrate its platforms to create a truly unique experience for the world.

For example, jio can integrate jio glasses with its jio mart so that people can try and test things before buying them using virtual and augmented reality

jio Digital Connectivity

As per Mukesh Ambani Jio’s vision stands on two solid pillars, One is Digital Connectivity And other is Digital Platforms. Jio has successfully kickstarted all the five accelerators of growth of DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY.

  1. Mobile broadband.
  5. Jio’s Narrowband Internet-of-Things – or NBIoT– service.

In the next THREE years, jio aims to connect Over a HALF BILLION mobile customers; Over a BILLION smart sensors; and Over 50 million HOMES and BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS.

Some of the Jio revolutionary devices include

  1. Jio TV+
  2. Jio mart
  3. Jio glass
  4. Jio meet
  5. Embibe

Now JIO has started working on

jio platforms vision
  1. Cloud Computing, 
  2. Devices and Operating Systems, 
  3. Big Data Analytics,
  4. Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, 
  5. Virtual and Mixed Reality, 
  6. Blockchain, 
  7. Natural Language Understanding, and 
  8. Computer Vision, etc

Using these technologies, jio can create cut-through solutions that span multiple Industry verticals and ecosystem like Media… Financial Services… New Commerce… Education… Healthcare… Agriculture… Smart Cities… Smart Manufacturing…and Smart Mobility. These are the technologies and ecosystem solutions that hold the power to achieve 360-degree digital transformation of India. 


I.e., why they have invested in various startups right from the beginning and their start-up partners, have contributed significantly to their strengths across many of these areas they also look forward in acquiring and investing in more of these kinds of startups.

RIL has acquired and invested in several startups which were working in different sectors, which now comes under Jio Platforms

HaptikAI-based conversational platformUS$100 million87%
EmbibeAI-based educational platformUS$180 million72.69%
RadisysTelecommunication technologyUS$75 million100%
ReverieVernacular chatbotUS$35 million83.3%
Grab-a-GrubDelivery servicesUS$30 million83%
FyndAnalyticsUS$15 million87%
EasyGovCitizen convenience servicesUS$10 million83%
Asteria AerospaceDrone technologyUS$3.3 million51.78%
NetradyneAI services37.4%

Jio aspires to build a super app for India which can cater almost all needs of a normal citizen, and because of which jio has launched tons of apps in different sectors.

reliance-jio super app
  • MyJio
  • JioCinema, video-on-demand app
  • JioTV, live TV streaming app, launched on 5 September 2016
  • JioSaavn, an online music streaming service
  • JioNews, newspaper and magazine app
  • JioMeet, video-conferencing platform
  • JioChat, messaging app
  • JioMart, online grocery delivery services (partnership with Reliance Retail)
  • JioBrowser, web browser
  • JioCloud, cloud storage services
  • JioMoney, digital currency and payments services
  • JioSwitch, file sharing app
  • JioHome, mobile remote control for Jio set-top box
  • JioHealthHub, health companion
  • JioGate, an apartment security app
  • JioSecurity, security app
  • JioPOS Lite, Jio recharge commission earning app
  • JioGameslite, online gaming

In the 43rd AGM of Reliance industries limited, chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that JIO has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. Which will enable JIO to launch a world-class 5G service in India, using 100% homegrown technologies and solutions. This Made-in-India 5G solution will be ready for trials as soon as the 5G spectrum is available… and can be ready for field deployment next year. And because of JIO’s converged, all-IP network architecture, it can easily upgrade from 4G network to 5G. Once Jio’s 5G solution is proven at India-scale, Jio Platforms would be well-positioned to be an exporter of 5G solutions to other telecom operators globally, as a complete managed service


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Yesterday Jio applied to DoT for 5G field trials in selected metro cities and sought spectrum in mid and mm-wave bands.

Jio attracted strategic investors such as Google, Qualcomm Intel, and Facebook, let’s look at the benefits which jio will be getting apart from becoming debt-free company after these investments.



Reliance Jio and  google technologies have entered into a commercial agreement  to develop an android based operating system for 4G and 5G affordable smartphones,


Earlier JIO has developed the most affordable and cheapest 4G phone  powered by KaiOS, they have sold over 100 million units of  JIOPHONES till date

Now jio is looking forward to providing 4G or 5G affordable handset powered by android os to over 450 million feature phone users in India.


intel jio deal

Intel Capital has invested ₹1894.5 crores in JIO platforms, which will help jio to conquer the booming market of artificial intelligence

Intel will also help JIO in developing better cloud technologies and transformation from 4G to 5G 


Intel has rich expertise in electronics which can help JIO in the debut of its own laptop

 Using intel AI expertise jio can get help in managing consumer data of over 500 million subscribers


Qualcomm jio deal

Qualcomm Ventures has invested in Jio Platforms which will help JIO in the more efficient rollout of 5G technology in India.

As 5G is expected to transform every industry, JIO with the help of Qualcomm can further revolutionise the digital economy.


 As Qualcomm has decades of experience in secure wireless and the digital network it will benefit India in its goal of digital connectivity and the digital economy.


facebook and jio deal

Since Whatsapp and Instagram are also owned by Facebook, and jio has just entered in the e-commerce business and e-payment services. 

They want to expand their recently launched jio mart through WhatsApp customer database which has over 400 million active users in India

Households and Kirana stores owners who don’t know much about technology can easily take their business online with Whatsapp and jio mart combined platform which will help India in achieving its digital dream with exponential growth.

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