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The Truth Behind India Pakistan Dossier War


Some time ago India presented a dossier in the United States stating Pakistan’s terrorist activity in the country. It also claimed the allegations of Pakistan funding terror. After some time Pakistan did the same thing as well. It also walked on the same path and presented a similar dossier in the United States. The claims were more or of a similar nature. This ignited India Pakistan Dossier War.

Tit for Tat Movement

The statement goes very well with the current situation of Pakistan. It seems that the proverb has got a live example of what it means.

It can be explained with an example like if someone dug a hole for the other person and himself falls into another hole. This is exactly what happened to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s inclusion in the FATF list and the backlash it faced for its false allegations against India.


India still managed to be a permanent member of the 15 member council at the United Nations, even after continuous opposition and constant hindrance from Pakistan,.

How India Pakistan dossier war started?

It all started with Pakistan’s dossier to the United Nations Security Council, suspecting some terror activities in Islamabad from India.

ting Pakistan's stand on India Pakistan Dossier War.

The dossier was presented to the UN’s secretary-general Antonie Gutteres. Pakistan’s UN ambassador is Munir Akram currently. He says “India is into promoting and planting terrorism in Pakistan”.

India’s stand on India Pakistan Dossier war.

T.S. Tirumurti representing India's stand on India Pakistan Dossier War.

However, the Indian government said that the evidence submitted is purely “fabricated”. The center also claimed the whole dossier to be a mere “lie”.


India strongly denied all the allegations in the United Nations and counter attacked Pakistan on its various terrorist activities in Kashmir.

India also questioned Pakistan about its terrorist organization by the name of “Jaish-e- Mohammad”.

To which non of the questions were answered and a sheer silence was maintained. Questions were also raised about the sudden firing on a truck that had many soldiers in it.

It was also claimed that the Pakistani terrorists came from a new tunnel that was constructed recently.


Jaish -e-Mohammad

Jaish –e- Mohammad is a Pakistan based terror organization.

This organization is responsible for many terrorist attacks in India. The horrific 26/11 attacks were also planned by the same organization. They managed to execute the dreaded and heinous Pulwama Attack.

Jaish-e-Mohammad is an Urdu word meaning “army of the Mohammad”. Jaish-e-Mohammad is said to have a close connection with other terrorist organizations of Afghanistan, namely Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Pakistan’s ISI ( Inter-Services Intelligence ) is known to be the parent of this organization. It is from ISI that Jaish –e-Mohammad owes its origin. Currently, Masood Azhar is known to be the leader of the group.


What is FATF?

FATF;  moves India close to win the India Pakistan Dossier War

The Financial Action Task Force is a financial organization created in 1989. The purpose of the organization is to curb terror funding.

It is believed that if no funds are ever made available to any of terrorist organizations; then eventually they would cease to exist.

The FATF also helps countries by providing them with funds and also promotes investment in a particular country. With headquarters in Paris, France, and Marcus Pleyer as the  President, the organization has 39 member countries.

 Significance of the Grey and Black List of FATF

How grey and black lists work?

FATF maintains two list , popularly known as the grey and the black list. The black list has only two countries that are North Korea and Iran. Black lists countries do not get any financial assistance from FATF.


The list also signifies that these countries do nothing to prevent money laundering and terror funding. Hence are not considered any good in combating terrorism in the World.  FATF originally issued the blacklist in 2002. At that time it had 15 countries.

Currently there are 12 countries including Pakistan in FATF’s grey list. The countries in this also face much difficulties in getting loans from international money lending bodies like IMF ( International Monetary Fund ) and World Bank.

 Pakistan in FATF’s grey list

Pakistan's inclusion in grey list

After an immense amount of trying and convincing, Pakistan is still on the FATF’s grey list. The United Nations and FATF are not yet fully convinced with Pakistan’s efforts towards curbing money laundering and other terrorist activities.

Though some steps have been taken by Pakistan in other fields that are good no significant change can be noticed in the field of terrorism.


India’s steps in Countering Terrorism

India's step to counter terrorism.

India has became very much awakened when it comes to the safety of the nation. More and more attention is paid towards government counter terrorism agencies.

NIA ( National Investigation Agency ), IB ( Intelligence Bureau ), NSG ( National Security Guard ), CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation ), and the Research and Analysis Wing need highly trained officers.

The Intelligence department of the country should be in good and capable hands to prevent any such events further in the country. India has considerably increased the security forces at the borders.

Latest technology is also adopted when it comes to weapons and tracking systems. Artificial Intelligence is also taken into work these days.

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A very clever step by the Indian Government can be development of strong diplomatic relations with the stronger groups of the world.


India is going well in the direction of acquiring support from popular world leaders. With the up gradation of the rifles and fighter aircrafts like “Rafale” that has been included, it is developing a strong hold over its borders. More impact could be expected in the near future.



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