Why Hathras Rape Case is so unique?


Hathras rape victim, one of the many sacrificial souls, got perished in the thousands of grisly rape incidents that happen in the country. 

UP’s Hathrashpur gang rape incident is not just a symbolism of our vile society but the indescribable depravity that has buried our conscience. 

On September 14, India was shaken by the dreadful occurrence of the alleged gang rape in hathras in which a Dalit woman was strangled and beaten to death by four upper-caste men but what happened later was obtrusive and insensitive in which the incident was suppressed. 

Amid the countless nirbhayas who are still demanding for justice, this incident is yet again a mockery to dismantled law and order of the country. 


Meanwhile, the inadvertent effort of government and administration to hide the loopholes has exposed the naked reality of our system as much as the investigation and inquiry proceed the dirty nexus of politicians and officers get caught up.

atrocities towards dalits and low casts

Besides, that let us inspect why despite living in the 20th century, the atrocities towards Dalits and low-class people in heinous crimes like rape are still intact.

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Caste is a sin

Casteism in india

Hathraspur rape case is an exact reminder of how the caste hierarchy still exists in our society. 

The 19-year-old woman took her last breath in Safdarjung hospital, Delhi while battling over 14 days the pain and struggle after strangled in a lifeless form by four upper-caste men. 


The victim’s brother had accounted on why this is a play of the upper caste politics by stating that her sister was threatened continuously to meet their demands when she ignored it the men dragged her to the field raped her and ruptured her skull by beating to death. 

Further, when after cognisance, he and his father went to the police station to lodge a complaint they were discarded from registering it. 

Bhimrao Ambedkar

Among the heft discussion of every religion rights, this is a close reminder of how, as a society, we have conclusively failed to give the Dalits their fundamental privilege. 

On 4th October the hathraspur administration declared boolagarhi village as a containment zone amidst the growing criticism of the administration’s failure to handle this rape case. 


However, a group of upper-caste men held protests in the village to withdraw the suspect’s name from detention and charges later a massive rally marched to former BJP MLA Rajvir Singh’s house to protest for the arrest of the alleged accused.  

The discrimination showed by the administration has still been superficial to stifle them from giving their accounts to media.

Callousness of administration in handling this rape case

The insensitivity by the administration in handling this rape case is an apparent mockery of women empowerment. 

As soon as the UP police began its probe against the heinous rape, there were procedural delays due to administrational pressure which hampered the investigation. 


According to JNMC medical doctor Hamza malik, there were deliberate attempts from state administration to influence the matter. 

He stated that after such cases, the medical examination and forensic inspection were meant to be done within 24 hours, but it was done after eight days, September 22. 

Up police

The spine chilling callousness of the state administration got exposed when the alleged rape victim’s body was cremated without the family’s consent in early morning hours. 

After enquired about this joint magistrate Prakash Meena said in a statement that “the victim’s father was informed about this, but while on his way to Hathraspur he was influenced by politicians and did not intend to join so we decided to end this before this sparks more protest however the victim’s maternal uncle was present when she was cremated”. 


When asked about this, the victim’s father said there were no mentions from the police, and her maternal uncle said that after my nephew informed me about a burning pyre in the crematorium ground, I got to know about this.

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Muzzling of Dissent

Priyanka and rahul gandhi

Amidst the growing dissent when things were out of hand, the state administration took the atrocious methods to stop the conflict. 

On 1st October when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were on the way to meet the family of the rape victim, they were stopped unreasonably by the police in Delhi- UP expressway causing to push and ill-treat congress leaders. 

The police charged them for violating section 144 without any proper evidence. 


This intensified more when Up police claimed that there was a conspiracy to instigate caste and communal violence amidst growing pressures from NHRC and Allahabad high court.   

The allegations also brought up names like Chandrasekhar Azad from Bhim Sena and Jayant Choudhury from RLD who were on their way to meet up the family of the victim.

The shamelessness of the government was exposed when the Hathraspur administration declared it as a Covid containment zone despite no rise in cases leading to blocking of every press members and activists to make their way to the village.


One story different versions

The profanity of the government emanated to give many distorted stories to manipulate the incident. 


After the Allahabad high court sent notice to UP police and government that the insensitivity in which the case was handled and  the police buried the alleged rape victim is a shock to everyone’s conscience 

Yogi Adityanath

The NHRC also sent a notice to Yogi Aditya Nath on the various versions of the forensic report that exposed apparent volumes of lies which UP government said relentlessly.

The most popular one being though was ADGP( Law and order) Prashant Kumar’s statement when he said that the victim was not raped and gave a classified version of it from the forensic laboratory of the state. 

Safdarjung hospital

However, it was later contradicted by JNMC college’s autopsy report that there was strangulation in her cervical spine which led to her cardiac arrest. 


The Safdarjung hospital authorities also claimed that there were efforts from the administration to manipulate the report stating that there were clear instructions from the administration to delay the forensic inspection.

will justice be served to this rape victim?

Dalit women live matter

As there is no hinder in the brimming injustice which is played by the evil monsters ruling us at the top, 

it’s a clear warning for all of us to be cognisable that how our societal fabric is getting destroyed. 

In a recent development this rape case even more, the CBI has removed the case from its website and termed it as a murder case citing the apex court order  that FIRs in cases of rape and sexual assault should not be put in public domain


This does not just speak about the slovenly attitude of the investigation agencies but the profane structure of our constitutional frameworks

As the hope to fight for millions of Nirbhayas like this hathras victim will always be unforgettable, it is still the task of the judiciary to fasten the process and bury the long age discrimination which is a curse to society.

BY Debadurllav Harichandan


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