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We humans cannot develop as a better ‘civilization’ or as ‘an ideal society’ until we ensure the safety of our women. The travel safety for women in India has always been a matter of concern. A recent WHO survey shows that 35% of women, globally, experience some kind of abuse or physical violence.

While this in itself is shocking, this figure could rise geometrically even further if unreported cases are to be considered. As law enforcement agencies strive to improve policing, a silent battle, in parallel is also being fought on the digital turf by mobile applications, wearable devices, and technology to ensure women safety.

Violence against women

With the introduction of advanced technology like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, all three can be managed seamlessly together to play definitive roles in ensuring women safety.

A lot of new advanced tools and technologies are emerging to revolutionize women’s safety. We are able tech is one of these tools, some wearable garments can generate 3800kv of electricity which can be used in need.


Introduction of Women Safety Apps:

With the growing technology, technologists can create apps and many other inbuilt features that can be used in times of need.

Just one touch and ‘police’, ‘family’, and everyone you trust will rush to your rescue. Some features like capturing video and audio of the user’s surroundings and sends it to the selected contacts with an alert message which enables the victim to evade the danger with little difficulty.

Some of the best-recognized applications are Eye Watch SOS for Women, IGoSafely, Bsafe, etc.

GPS Navigation:

Gps navigation

Google Maps are one of the best navigation tools available. Women who are in distress can use this app to determine their location and where they are heading.


Google Maps recently announced the feature of Gadget 360 which will have gender signs, showing the location of women incorporated place which will be an ease for any woman alone in an unknown place.

Using GPS navigation in unknown places can lead to astonishing change as there will less fear in users’ minds about the place as she doesn’t have to ask for directions from any stranger, especially at night which may lead to awful situations and dangerous situations like in 2012 Nirbhaya Rape case.

Click here to know more Nirbhaya to Hathras rape case: what India learned?

How Smarter Cities can ensure Women Safety:

Cctv cameras

Technology can also play a key role in ensuring that streets are well-lit (smart lighting) and recorded 24×7 through security cameras.

In the future, any suspicious or out of the ordinary event will raise an alert without any kind of manual intervention in the police control room and vans will be dispatched within minutes.


Such a security framework will also inhibit potential criminals from carrying out crimes as law enforcement gets extra muscles to prevent a crime from happening.

Internet of things (IoT) can also be used in determining that infrastructure, public spaces, and vulnerable areas are easily accessible and maintained well so that no one has to spend more time in such places unless needed.

In case of breakdown of a vehicle on a highway, if help can be dispatched in a short period of time, the vulnerability of people involved can be reduced efficiently.

Technology always plays a big role in this, as old mind-sets have to give way to the new. Technology definitely offers a promise the key will however be to leverage this promise and convert it to something tangible that aids women safety and security.


Establishing an Effective travel system:

Tourist looking on a train

Most of the issues related to women’s safety are especially evaluated during nighttime, Most of the victims that were mutilated, raped, or killed generally occurred during nighttime.

Most of these women were looking for a passage to their home or hostel.

If the travel system was efficient most of these incidents might have not occurred. The introduction of Uber or cabs is a step towards a safe environment.

We can book a cab to our doorstep and reach our destination without any halt or danger.
Wearable safety tools:

Panic button
  • Many safety wearable and tools can be used to evade a dangerous situation.
  • Things like panic buttons or safety torch with shock are some of the effective examples.
  • Pepper spray pistol or Lipstick shaped flashlight are some of the legally allowed things that can be used for self-defense.
Pepper spray

These tools are mainly used because if there is no time to allow the app or you don’t have a safety app or sometimes these apps may lag. So, these measures can be used for safety. There are still many things that can be improved for ensuring the safety of women

We can create a database of the locations that are more dangerous and can enlist these locations for caution.

  • Not everyone can afford smartphones, especially in India, the Government should take steps to make
    these tools available for everyone.
  • The applications should be GPRS connected which is sometimes not feasible.
  • Applications must work without the internet so that it will be easy for a victim to alert otherwise the
    availability of all other things will be in vain.

Social Media’s Role in women safety


Technology also helps in the issue of domestic violence and harassment, movements like #Metoo and Timesup are some of the examples of social media that allow women to rise against these inhuman acts and take a stand for their own safety.

This is only due to the technology that these movements have gained such support and appreciation.



Women's safety

There is a need to not just look for smart gadgets and devices that come in handy for women but something out-of-the-box solutions and innovative applications that can be embedded in mobile phones of the person in trouble.

The workplaces and police stations must be made women-friendly so that they can approach the law in case of abuse and harassment.

Technology can only be a mere tool towards a solution it can’t be a definite solution as there may be a situation that the victim won’t be able to use it.

But we can say that technology has surely paved a path towards the welfare, betterment, and safety of women and in the future, it can lead to many astonishing results.


Guest Author: Lone Mohsin

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