Vigilance Awareness Week to Prevent Corruption


India has been one of the most corrupt countries for the past few decades. The rising rates of bank frauds and scams in the education and healthcare sectors have decayed the country’s fame and prosperity.


Though the ranking of India in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) has lowered. But above all, some steps were taken by the government to aware people regarding the working of different sectors.

One such movement to make the Public aware and vigilant regarding corruption is Vigilant Awareness Week. It is celebrated to eradicate corruption by means of awareness.


Taking anti-corruption pledge

It is celebrated every year in the last week of October, extending to a few days of November. Every year the Central Vigilance Commission decides a theme under which all other ministries have to participate.


The theme of 2020 is “Satark Bharat Samridh Bharat.” Every ministry is bound to conduct a list of anti-corruption activities within campuses.

Taking anti-corruption pledge, debates/ quiz on integrity, and various other activities are performed to make people within the public/ administrative position conscious.

There are activities for the general public as well. You can get to know them by visiting the site.

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samridh Bharat is non corrupt

This phrase explains the effect of corruption. For example, you are bribing some people in the administration to expedite some of the processes of your files.


That person takes the money and signs your document. With this not only you are suffering finance loss but also the Government.

That money could have been utilized in developing some other sector. Corruption is not only harmful to an individual person but also for the whole nation. That’s why “vigilant India is prosperous India”

How Different sectors in India are ensuring anti-corruption?


Indain Railways

Does everyone say Railways is corrupt? Maybe you know the reason why people say so? Yes!! You are right corruption was associated with the availability and booking of tickets.

But ever since railways digitalized ticket bookings. A lot of Indians had real-time data on the availability of seats, canceled tickets, and could book their tickets on their own. This reduced the chances of corruption vastly.



Banking sector in Indai

Though there are a lot of processes in which there are chances of corruption. One such process is availing of loans.

Rural people or the middle class suffer the most when it comes to availing of personal or business loans. The C grades clerks ask for money to sanction their loans.  

Along with withdrawing or transferring money, even loans can be sanctioned digitally. Nowadays, the interactions between the common man and banking officials are done electronically.

Thus the cases of corruption are decreasing rapidly.

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Moreover, to save people from getting trapped in cyber crimes, national-level awareness via TV, Radio, Newspapers have also started. This keeps people safe from any kind of online fraud. 


Remember the raids on petrol pumps. And the headlines of mixing water in petrol? Well in this case We public have to be vigilant.

Always be alert whenever you are refiling the fuel tank of the vehicle. Come outside of the car. Ensure 0 on the device. And in case of any doubt. Feel free to use the measuring cylinder in that petrol pump.


Corruption in healthcare sector

Corruption in the healthcare sector leaves people stranded. Though digitization in the healthcare sector may help improve the situation. We all hope this change brings positive outcomes for the whole society.

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Ways to prevent corruption

How We can Prevent Corruption

Apart from digitalization, there are various other ways to put a full stop to corruption. Integrity is the need of the hour. India needs more and more honest people to fight malicious corruption. Though it might seem a never-ending and tiring journey. 

say no to corruption
  1. Stop bribing to get your work done.
  2. Create pathways that ensure transparency between the common man and Govt.
  3. The pepper use of technology to build dynamic and continuous exchange between business, media, citizens, academics, civil societies.
  4. Punishing corruption is a vital and effective way to prevent corruption.
  5. We need to act globally and locally to keep citizens engaged in anti-corruption activities.
  6. Identifying the loopholes in the current system and finding their solutions.
  7. Providing proper protection to Whistleblower of corruption.
  8. Every department should be brought under the RTI act.


Anti- corruption Law

Most of the people say the Government does nothing to check on corruption and why should they? Because most of the top-rated Government Employees and Political leaders are the main reasons why Corruption starts.

But it would be wrong to blame everyone in the administrative department. Some workers are decent and hardworking. Though India has laws to check on Corruption. Here is a list of all the laws and acts:-

  1. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. (PCA)
  2. Service Rules for Government Officials:

This law prevents Government officials from receiving any kind of gifts, hospitality, transport, or pecuniary advantages from the people they have any kind of business relationship; without the sanction of the government. 

  1. Foreign Contribution regulation act, 2010 (FCRA)
  2. Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI Act)
  3. Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003 (CVC)
  4. Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018 (FEOA)
  5. Black Money and Imposition of Tax act, 2015
  6. Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA)
  7. Companies Act, 2013
  8. Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013.


taking money

I understand living in a corrupted country, feels like being strangled everyday on a daily basis. India has witnessed the murders of many whistleblowers.

May be the decrease in the ranking of India in PCI rankings is just Chimera. Most of the people seem to ignore the small incidents of bribery.

But who knows the small incident that you ignored was a small part of a big scandel? 

Integrity, vigilance, awareness, courage is the need of the hour. We need strive hard to make India a fully non corrupted country.

Roshni Bandhu
Takes pride in providing the best content about India and various problems of society. she believes in perfection, Her goal is to make India a better place of living and to make people aware of their role in nation’s development

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