India during this lockdown has changed both for worse and for better. With its exodus from March 2020, the lockdown has reached the month of October with efforts by the government in unlocking certain areas of the country under regulated terms and conditions to regenerate the country’s income.

The lockdown has affected many life’s and left many to fend for themselves against something that they have no power over.

It has left half of society crippled, while the other half of society seems to be thriving in this lockdown by giving themselves the time and break they needed from the bustle of city life and work.

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lockdown in india

Over the months spent in lockdown, society has learned things that they were too busy to learn about when life was happening.


People have learned and honed skills over the few months generated new hobbies that incur productivity and healthy living, and have taken their time to think about things that were not possible before the lockdown.

people eating in quarantine centres

But productivity and healthy living failed to reach the far corners of our country which was left unprotected under living conditions that did not complete the basic necessities to live a mundane lifestyle.

The initial weeks of the lockdown saw the depletion of life in the country and things gradually slowed down to a snail’s pace, it left people unemployed, stranded, confused and scared for what is to come and what is to happen to them there on forth.


grave yard amid corona crisis

Helplessness was at its peak during the first months of the lockdown and with the pandemic spreading at an unprecedented speed, many lives were lost for reasons that could have been curbed and prevented.


Because these people have become so accustomed to living without most of their basic needs, they do not know what exactly is wrong, but with the coming of the pandemic it has thrown light on the poor living conditions of people in slum areas and remote villages where electricity is not provided properly; where water is not sourced from clean sites; where medical help is non-existent and the voices of the people are unheard of.

There are still people like this who suffer from the lack of provisions and basic needs and with the lockdown imposed, it put a wall between them and their livelihood.

With no proper shelter, not enough food, and medical assistance, many were left at the mercy of the virus which further increased casualties.

lockdown as wake up call

checking temperature through infrared thermometers

This was a wake-up call for the government to fasten their protocols and safety measures.


With the lockdown imposed, it was expected for the surge to drop rapidly and it did for a while but it did not last and the number of people testing positive continued to grow drastically which eventually led to India becoming one of the worst infected countries in the world.

Although the death rates have been subdued as compared to other severely infected countries the number of infected citizens continues to plummet.

Violent behavior in lockdown

doctors standing in a protest

With the number of positive cases on the rises, the country became very dependent on government funds, the doctors, and the police; while this should have been the case, many societies were steadfast and stubborn to let the medics cross or enter their areas of concern which resulted in doctors and medics being assaulted and injured.

Medical teams were hindered while doing their job of providing protection and safety for the people, and they became a target for abuse and assault. The imposed lockdown opened a gateway to crimes.


Those were not hate crimes but crimes of ignorance and stupidity. People started going against individuals who were risking their lives to help them.

It was complete chaos and a display of ignorant ego and pride. The lockdown was efficient not in curbing more positive results and casualties but was efficient in bringing out the ugly side of society and the government.

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The lockdown was efficient in showing how unprepared India was against the pandemic resulting in all the mishaps apart from the victims of the virus.

The lockdown has shown how the government works and the results of the said works. It is ironic how the lockdown was expected to slow the rise of new cases but it further added fuel to fire and thus cases started multiplying every day.


What was seen through the initial stages is the fact that the people infected with the virus were individuals who flew in from abroad; people who had the luxury to stay out of the country and now the most affected class of society is the middle class and the lower class people.

safety protocols

This scenario should be a lesson for people to always put safety measures and prevention protocols before all else.

This lockdown has forced people to change their ways of living drastically, especially for families and people with no homes, displaced immigrants, and people in the slum areas.

With no source to sustain their lives, these individuals were left hungry and unattended, and their only survival kit is the government’s ration and relief supplies.


positive sides of lockdown

Like there are two sides to a coin, this lockdown has two sides as well; a side that has shown how people can still grow and survive even during such a crisis, and how people can come together to help others during such a time.

The lockdown has also helped in giving nature the time to heal its wounds and has allowed people to find joy in gardening and growing house plants. The rivers are cleaner, the skies are clearer, the air is cleaner, and nature is thriving, but the downside of the lockdown far surpasses the good effects.

job seekers standing in a row

The expected pollution rate to increase post-lockdown, and companies going bankrupt resulting in more unemployment which will eventually lead to families without income. Having to cope with mental stress, depression and a new way of living.

This lockdown has also shown how human society is affecting the environment and nature, and this is reason enough for people to change to minimalistic ways of living.


Education amid lockdown

online classes

And with schools and institutions under closure, students no longer have the luxury of learning face to face. There’s more to be learned inside a classroom rather than an online zoom class, but because of the lockdown, institutions have no other choice but to resort to online teaching for all classes.

And although institutions are being partially opened, students life is now regulated and checked to leave them no freedom to grow individually. This lockdown has caused a stigma in the growth of students and their education.


The future post-lockdown is bleak and with new cases being recorded every day, India is yet to steer clear from the pandemic.

The lockdown proved itself efficient in a way that might have been unprecedented but it has helped in opening the eyes of the country about what needs to be done and what measures to be taken.  


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