First of all Happy Gandhi Jayanti to all of you. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we thought to illuminate the condition of current India in the perspective of Gandhi Ji.

Here is a small task for you to imagine Gandhi Ji in his spectacles, white Khaadi dhoti, and shawl, wearing mask and gloves on the roads of Delhi.


roads in india

As Gandhi Ji started walking on the footpaths of Delhi. He was surprised to see the bikes, scooters, buses, and cars running fast on the roads. As he walked on the sidewalk he met two teenagers who instantly recognized him. They were Arya aged 12 years and Aadrik aged 19 years. They were begging him to visit their home. Since Gandhi Ji was feeling uncomfortable breathing in the polluted air. So, he agreed to visit their home.

In his mind, he kept thinking about the vehicles and the polluted atmosphere and comparing his place to Delhi. He was sad but he was sure to find something good about India.



school students

As they reached Arya and Aadrik’s home. He was welcomed with great hospitality. Aadrik’s and Arya’s parents were shocked. Gandhi Ji, Aadrik, and Arya sat on a bed and started talking about different things around India.

Gandhi Ji was happy to know that Arya was in class 7th. He realized that his dream of girl child education has come true partially. Because not all girls are fortunate enough to get enrolled in school. Some drop out because of periods, but he was happy.

On asking Aadrik about his studies he got to know that he is pursuing his MBBS. Gandhi Ji was again happy because now children need not go abroad to pursue higher education.

But Gandhi Ji became sad when Aadrik informed him that engineering and MBBS are the most sought after careers in India because of parental pressure. Gandhi Ji felt bad to know that many children commit suicide because of this. He felt if this keeps on going then no one can save India from destruction.



gandhi ji on declining indian culture

Gandhi Ji was pondering why people are not wearing Typical Indian clothes but T-shirts, PJs, Jeans, shorts, and dresses. Suddenly he heard an English song and started finding the source of the sound. Arya picked up her phone and went to talk with her friend. Aadrik informed him that landlines are no longer in use. And mobile became handy.

Gandhi Ji asked him about the attire. And Aadrik said that Khaadi and handloom clothes are costlier and feel uncomfortable so they all are wearing the western dress as it makes them look attractive.

Gandhi Ji digested the clothes issues. He thought that we are becoming a slave of western culture. And mocking his efforts of shifting to Khadi clothes.

Then Aadrik Arya and Gandhi Ji were called for snacks. They were served with fried food. Aadrik and Arya were happy with the fried food but Gandhi Ji missed his satvik aahar.


Also, he realized that Arya and Aadrik were no longer listening to classical music. Instead loved Bollywood rappers who displayed women as mere objects.



As we know our honorable Prime minister Modi Ji initiative Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan was launched on 2and Oct 2014. Every news channel covered the progress of India’s cleanliness. Indore is the cleanest country in India. India is ODF free.

Gandhi was happy that India has realised the importance of sanitation and is working consistently to make it better.

Even the Coronavirus has led India to take a step forward regarding personal hygiene. Gandhi Ji came across different news such as:- 




Gandhi Ji couldn’t believe his ears when he came across this news. Later, he was informed by Arya that crime against women has risen exponentially. And still, we don’t have strict punishments against the perpetrators. 

He thought who instilled the image of a weak woman in the mind of Indian men. Because they never treated women as an inferior gender back then. And how they commit such a heinous act? 

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Case:- 

Gandhi Ji was terrified by this incident. The twists and turns reported on news channels confused him. He thought how can a person be a journalist and a detective at the same time?

further, he started criticizing the way electronics media has changed its role. From informing people about India and World to excavating a single matter and ignoring all other issues.


How TV is presenting negative news, biased news and half truths. 

Tensions between India and China:- 

Tensions between India and China

This was something Aadrik told Gandhi Ji. He didn’t see this news. Aadrik explained how China and India were clashing on the borders of Jammu and Kashmir.

And How twenty Indian Bravehearts lost their lives fighting for the nation. India banned Chinese applications but couldn’t ban Chinese Goods. This made Gandhi Ji remember his effort to boycott British clothes and how he started seeing his own clothes

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He realized that there is one thing that didn’t change is the need to be self-sufficient. He asked Aadrik how is India tackling this situation? Aadrik explained India’s vision to empower toy producing factories in India to boycott Chinese dominance in Indian Toy Factories.

He also said about Indigenous microprocessor developing competition.

Unemployment in India by Gandhi Ji


After they finished watching TV, Gandhi Ji and Aadrik’s and Arya’s father were talking about the rising rates of unemployment in India due to lockdown. And also about the farmers starving for their meal because of their poor conditions.

Gandhi Ji might have thought if India is so modern why the basic profession is suffering in their lives? And why Indians have failed to realise the importance of each and every person in a sector?


Gandhi Ji on books / social media


After watching TV, Arya went to read her novel. Gandhi Ji waited for Arya to complete her reading. And went to Aadrik. He saw Aadrik doing something in the device called mobile. Aadrik showed him he was using a social media site. Gandhi Ji was battered to see a post which said “Nathuram Godse Zindabaad”. Aadrik realized the gravity of the situation and apologized deeply.

Later Gandhi Ji asked Arya about the book. After knowing the story of the book. Gandhi Ji thought at least Indian Authors are trying to do their best in educating the generation. However, Gandhi Ji disliked the hate being circulated in the social media sites.

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Gandhi Ji on children behaviour towards parents


The clock struck 8:30 pm and Arya and Aadrik’s parents were calling them for dinner. Aadrik and Arya were busy scrolling through the social media sites and kept ignoring their repeated calls.


When their mother screamed at them to come and have dinner. Aadrik screamed back at his mother. Gandhi Ji felt humiliated by this behaviour of children towards their parents.

He wondered if every child talks like that to their parents? Is this the way every mother is being treated at home? 

Gandhi Ji found out about Indian movies


After dinner Aadrik said he would study and everyone went to sleep. He woke up in the middle of night and saw the lights in Aadrik’s and Arya’s room was still on.

He went there to tell them to go to bed. Then he was surprised to see both the children doing something on their mobile. He asked them what they were doing. Both of them restrained themselves from speaking up. But when Gandhi Ji told that he won’t tell their parents about it they spoke up.


Arya said she was talking with her friends. And Aadrik said he was watching a Hindi movie released recently. Gandhi Ji advised them to go to sleep and went to his bed again. 

Have you imagined what Gandhi Ji would think if he watched the recent Bollywood films?

1. Where the evil is always portrayed as more powerful than the good.

2. Where fights and death are necessary to make the hero win.


3. Where the half-naked half-dressed woman dances in the name of modernisation.

4. Where molestation is normalised. And all the unethical things are supported.

Yes, not all Indian movies are like that but most of them are no different.

The next day everyone woke up but Gandhi Ji was nowhere to be seen. I guess he went to the place he came from. Because certainly, he couldn’t find India where he died years ago. 



We have come a long way after the independence of India. We have made in India better as well as made it worse than before. its time we realise that this country and its culture is our legacy. And it’s a problem are our problem.

We can see everywhere profit is overpowering ethics. We as Indians post a lot of things against this country. But he forgets to do something other than posting our opinions. GANDHI JI quoted “be the change you want to see in the world“.

The time has come to start doing instead of just raising our voices against the ill will and malpractices. Even the smallest contribution matters to India and the world.

Roshni Bandhu
Takes pride in providing the best content about India and various problems of society. she believes in perfection, Her goal is to make India a better place of living and to make people aware of their role in nation’s development

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