Why the Government is delaying the SSC examination?


The Staff Service Commission is one of the most awaited examinations that is conducted by the government of India after UPSC, and the government constantly delaying SSC examination has shattered many dreams.

The Staff Service Commission is a government body that comes under the Department of Personnel and Training with its headquarters at New Delhi,

Cbi | SSC examination

To make the understanding more clear this is the same Government department that also heads the CBI, every year lakhs of aspirants appear for this examination, and government delaying the SSC examination is a matter of concern

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About SSC

The SSC examination is held for the recruitment in various government departments through SSC CGL ( Combined Graduate Level), SSC CHSL ( Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam) SSC JE and SSC Stenographer.


The various examination is held in phrases or tiers to be more precise which in turn has 3-4 stages namely the online and the offline mode.

Every year there are lakhs of aspirants who fill the form and appear for the examination with high hopes but the decision of the government to postpone the examination or rather cancel it for future has shattered many dreams.

SSC examination form

Some people opt for the SSC examinations as it is comparatively easier in comparison to the elite UPSC examinations plus as mentioned above aspirants can choose to opt for the kind of job as per their abilities.

This feature of the examination gives it a more flexible structure. The form filling charges are also minimal for the general category and there are no charges at all for the reserved category except the OBC.


This nature of the SSC examinations further boosts the morale of the people especially of those belonging to the weaker sections as there is no hindrance in the form of money that can come in their way.

present situation

It is very ironical on the part of the government to cancel and delaying the SSC examination for the upcoming years on the grounds of not having enough money to get the examination conducted properly and as per their statement, the government is presently not in a condition is bear any further expenses.

Considering the argument to be true people have not raised their voices as everyone has seen the accounts for the expenses during the Pandemic. 

Examination amid corona

Talking about another examination that was held recently in the country with a lot more safety and precautions is the NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ) and the JEE ( Joint Entrance Examination) both of them being the undergraduate examination that is held by the National testing agency, a body of the UGC ( University Grant Commission).


Now the question is that if conducting an examination cost a lot then the government should be cancelling all the examinations why just target one. 

Arguments against this decision of the government

The questions are many, on decoding the subject matter you would find many arguments against this decision of the government of delaying the SSC examination.

Unemployment levels

People standing in queues for jobs | SSC examination

The first one being that the primary aim of the SSC examination is employment to the youth, in a country where itself the unemployment levels are quite high and the pandemic which in turn contributed in making the situation far worse snatching jobs from millions of youth

There is an urgent requirement of providing jobs to the unemployed and reviving the economy by increasing the consumption and spending and saving among the people.

Different carriers

This was the economic reason, there is a social reason as well that is for any nation to grow rapidly it is important to make the most out of the youth and prevent them from heading in the wrong direction.

Suicides can also be seen if the level of unemployment rises to a certain extent. 

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Proper administration

Secondly, a proper administration is also essential in the times of crisis for the proper functioning of the government and the country as a whole.

Government administration

If there would be no examination there would also be no new recruitment which would mean that there would be no retirements which could further lead to two conditions one of them being the lack in the output of the people and decrease in efficiency of the working levels


and another one would be the creation of vacancies within the system due to some voluntary retirements which would again lead to deterioration of the working capacity.

Student giving SSC examination

Hence to avoid all of these situations the government must hold government examinations and provide a source of life to the people of the country.

If we compare both of the examinations which are the SSC and the NEET and JEE we can say that NEET and JEE are also equally important but these examinations is just a stepping stone on the lives of the children and get them one step closer towards achieving their goals, they are a mere threshold in their lives and a pave a way for their further studies.


It was visible the amount of money that was spent in conducting them as the number of centres were just doubled and facilities were also provided to reach the examination centre.

20201206 165209 0000 compress71 | GENUINE MATTERS

Though this step is not wrong in any way and it should be the duty of the government itself to make such arrangements for the underprivileged and promote further education but it should never happen on the cost of compromising someone else’s future.

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A stable growth can only be achieved when all the sectors are looked after and are equally worked upon. Now it is upon your discretion to decide for the right and the wrong and what’s optimal. 

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