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Island destinations to visit after Pandemic.

There are over 2000 islands in the world. What is it that you seek in them if you visit one?

Is it a break from the tumultuous life, lying on the golden sand, or sipping a refreshment under the sun together with the view of the serene sea? Or the romantic sunsets and exotic dinner dates on the shore with your better half celebrating your wedlock? Or some adventurous kicks to meet your adrenaline high through water sports?

Do you wonder if you could afford the expenses? Here is a list of budget-friendly island destinations, with accommodations details as well.


palwan island

You may be surprised to know that the “Most Beautiful Island in the World” (as voted by the top travel publications Travel + Leisure) is affordable to explore! It has warm, soothing weather.

El Nido accommodates about 45 breath-taking white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water and limestone cliffs but also is rich in flora and fauna adding a little more joy to your experience.

These sanctuaries inhabit several rare bird species and one of the best scuba diving experiences you wouldn’t want to miss on.

In addition to this, you can enjoy a cheap ferry ride from El Nido to Coron, which is famous for the shipwrecks from World War II near the shores of the island.

Island hopping is a popular fun activity around Coron.

Accommodation and meals:

A room in a mid-ranged 3-star hotel or resort at El Nido may cost you around $75, but it gets cheaper to stay in Puerto Princesa for about $55 a night.

Moreover, Hostels might be available to you for about $20 a night. On the positive side, you can readily get through a day’s meals for around $10 at the beach and restaurant buffet. 



Bali is a land of beautiful temples and culture brimming coupled with natural beauty and spiritual insights, all established at picturesque locations.

Tanah Lot temple, situated on the seashore, is the most popular similarly, Ulun Danu is a floating temple located on the western side of Beratan lake.

It won’t be surprising to be your honeymoon destination as well. Stunning white beaches and picture-perfect sunsets and mesmerizing seascape views from the Uluwatu Cliffside will fill your heart with romance.

The Lush rice terraces, along with the volcanic peaks, are indeed a treat to watch!

Accommodation and meals:

Bali has a fantastic range of resorts offering three square meal plans with a total expenditure of around $60 per person a day. Public transit will cost around $7, which helps cutting expenses further.

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The Andaman Islands can give you the refreshing family vacation you are dreaming of, on the serene sun toasted and white beaches of Havelock and Neil. All this in astonishingly low budget!

The capital Port Blair provides luxurious resorts and hotels with world-class views. But if you are a water sports enthusiast looking for some adventure, a variety of water sports listed below for you:

Accommodation and meals:

You can find a mid-range, 3-star hotel or resort for around $55 a night. You can savour exotic seafood and Indian delicacies for about $6 per person.



If your dream island destination is a tropical paradise, in the lap of nature, Seychelles might be just right for you.

It is an archipelago of 115 islands that reside on the coast of Eastern Africa.

It is full of mountains covered in lush green forests with the seashores comprising of sugar-white beaches with azure blue seawater and lagoons.

Seychelles is a hub for UNESCO sites.

Aldabra is a beautiful coral atoll, and you can find the largest population of Giant Tortoises there.

Vallée de Mai Natural Reserve is home to several rare bird species of the world. You would love to have a tour of renowned rum distillery Takamaka Bay Distillery and try a variety of local rum during your stay.

Accommodation and meals:

You can find affordable, 2-star hotels for around $60 as well as cheaper guest houses for about $35 a night. Seychelles has a wide variety of cuisines. Ranging from exotic traditional seafood such as curries and grilled fish to mouth-watering street food for $3-5.



Kos is an ideal vacation destination with long white beaches palm trees and delightful warm weather.

The expense of flights is modest due to the availability of International Airport near Kos. Kos shares its seashore with Turkey.

Firstly, it is famous for water sports not to mention the vibrant nightlife that attracts many travellers around the world.

Secondly, it has a rich culture and architecture influenced by the long Roman History.

Lastly, some of the best historical monuments to visit are Asklepion, the holistic medical centre of Hippocrates, Neratzia medieval Castle, and Antimachia Castle.

Kos is more affordable in terms of food and accommodation. You can find restaurants and bars all around the island with a large variety of cuisines and cheap alcohol in Kos Town.

This island is famous for water sports as well, the popular ones being scuba diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing. 

Accommodation and meals:

You can find a mid-range hotel for about $45 a night. However, more affordable guesthouses and hostels are available for about $25. At the same time, you can go for cheap restaurant meals for about $15.


Travelling to such places might be once in a lifetime experience for you. We hope this helped you find your dream island destination without draining your pockets.

Bon Voyage!

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