Work from Home: Pros and Cons


Work from home was very rare before the COVID-19 pandemic. But during COVID-19 and the declaration of full lockdown, most of the IT companies, the education sector, and some other firms started working in isolation that is they initiated the work from home ideas. And people have also accepted and think it is the best way of work. With this significant shift in the lifestyle and even the working pattern of employees, everything seems reasonable in the current scenario. So is work from home the future for coming generations?

Are we ready for it? Have we evaluated the pros and cons?

And is it healthy for every working individual?

I will first start with the pros and later tell you about the cons that I have evaluated.


1. Zero exposure to traffic, pollution, disease and crimes:

When you start working from home, you don’t have to struggle from the stressful rush hour. The danger of pickpocketing or any other mishap is significantly reduced. The risk of developing any communicable disease or lung disease or ageing because of pollution is also reduced just because you are working from home.

2. Zero time waste and money waste:


Most of the Indian employees need about 20-30 min to reach their office from home. With work from home, the commuting time is dropped to zero. So the commuting expenses also decreases. And with this, we can help save fuels and contribute less to the carbon footprint.

3.Work-life balance:

work life balance | GENUINE MATTERS

The employees working from home can spend their time with children, spouse, flatmates, pets which helps in improving work-life balance and creating higher job satisfaction among the employees.


4. More self care time:

self care
A young woman performing a yoga routine on the beach in the summer sun

As we have seen work from helps reduce time wastages, hence giving employees more time for self- preservation.

5.Reduction in expenses:

A firm with most of the employees opting to work from home needs less or no expense for office space, office snacks, and electricity.

6.Fewer leaves or sick leaves:

Since the employees don’t have to report to the office, they have geographic freedom of place to work. People can work even while enjoying their vacations. The chances of applying for sick leaves also goes down. Some even manage to do work even when they are sick.

Knowing the cons plays a vital role, because we start taking the precaution. Here are the cons of work from home.


1. Too many distraction:

distraction pictorial representation

Imagine you are working, but you feel like to do the pending household chores. Or you are in a meeting, and your kids start banging on the door. Or you get an urge to watch the Netflix series. By work from home, you don’t have a specific time that is assigned to do the office work. These things can get pretty messy, decreasing your productivity.

2. Risk of becoming a couch potato.

couch potato

After starting working from home, employees rarely go out of the house. They leave the house to buy groceries or for any other essential reasons. More than 60% of people don’t exercise. And the hunched posture results due to long working hours on a computer or laptop—the risk of obesity and many other diseases increases.

3. Feeling lonely:

People start feeling lonely because they don’t meet people as frequently they used to meet earlier. And video calls, phone calls, can never be as refreshing as a face to face conversation.

4. Work, work and work:

work anxiety | GENUINE MATTERS

Since you are working from home, you can be given any work at any time. And you cannot come up with an excuse. It may start affecting your family life as well. Your kids or spouse may complain that you are not giving them any time even after being home all day long.


5. All on your own:

Sometimes when you face a technical problem, and you are at the office, you can ask for help, and your colleagues can come to you and help you out. But when you are at home, you need to figure it out by yourself. A problem that needed 20 min to be fixed at the office can take 3- 4 hours. It is time-consuming and frustrating as well.


Work from home is great for introverts and women because it makes it easy for them to handle both the household chores and their office work, and our introverted friends can skip all the drama and perform in their vicinity. For extroverts, it is bothersome since interaction with people charges them. But a healthy lifestyle cannot be neglected. So here are some tips if you chose to work from home.

  • Wake up early.
  • Exercise regularly, or shift to a standing desk.
  • Eat healthily.
  • If possible separate your working space, to minimize interruption.
  • Wear blue lenses to protect your eyes from strain.
  • Take proper breaks.
  • Talk to your family, friends.
  • Get a walk after work.
  • Enjoy your me-time
  • Sleep on time.

With these points you can have an amazing work from home experience.

Roshni Bandhu
Takes pride in providing the best content about India and various problems of society. she believes in perfection, Her goal is to make India a better place of living and to make people aware of their role in nation’s development

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