What does Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy?


Joe Biden dropped the curtain from the awaited list of his cabinet nominees on Monday. This gave the world a subject to bat about and anticipate what lies in store for the U.S. and the world, and what Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

While some celebrated the sharp contrast in cabinet nominees of Biden and Trump administration, the others called out the choice as “America under third Obama term”.

Though no military generals or CEOs of colossal corporate houses made up to the list, many were found to uphold the duties in the Obama administration as well.

Biden clearly declined any similarity compress54 | GENUINE MATTERS

Biden clearly declined any similarity with Obama tenure as the landscape in both tenures differ completely. He conceded his idea of a cabinet representative of America. He wanted it to be reflective of the ideology it’s people believe in and stand for.


The competence of the nominees is expected to lead to a sustainable politics, economy and environment. The list is thankfully not flashy and bought many firsts in the history of America.


Cabinet Nominees

cabinet nominees

Biden stressed upon the revival of multilateralism as he introduced his national security and foreign policy nominees for incoming White House cabinet.

Out of many, the few key takeaways were the choice of Haines and Mayorkas to lead the US intelligence community and Department of Homeland Security respectively. Both shall become the first women in their respective fields to lead the department when confirmed by the Senate.

John Kerry, the former US secretary of state, has been named as a special envoy on the climate for the upcoming administration.


Antony Blinken was nominated to head U.S State Department and will extend an aide for Biden’s foreign policies. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, an African American women with a long career in foreign services, was given the position of U.S ambassador to the United Nations.

so what does Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

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Mapping the route of foreign policy

Tenets of Antony Blinken

 Tenets of Antony Blinken, Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

In 2016 when Blinken was asked about his opinion on the subject of the refugees, he told: “We all have something to learn and gain from one another even when it doesn’t seem at first like we have much in common”.

Clearly, this speaks volumes about his possible constructive take on the matter of migrants in America. He seems to usher in the idea of diversity and co-existence to overcome the prejudicial perception of borderlines.


He is a man who commits to human rights and who describes Brexit as “total mess”. Blinken emphasizes the need to work in co-operation with other countries and pave way for stable and far-reaching partnerships.

Blinken and biden

Blinken said, “America at its best still has a greater ability than any other country on Earth to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time.”

This opinion highlights his inclination to foster a closely knitted and well-connected world, and from these statements, we can take a glimpse on what Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

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Take on Middle East

middle east policy, Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

The foreign policy nominees claimed to bring about a shift in their Middle East policy. They plan to re-prioritize human rights in relation with Middle East governments.


The administration shows intent to revive the nuclear deal and reopen communications with the government of Iran.

The new Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy that the US is expected to put more pressure on Saudi Arabia and Egypt over human rights. Unlike the past bearings, human lives will definitely be given more value in future pacts.

One can also expect the administration to mould their stance in a way to reduce the tensions between the two.

Blinken was critical of foreign policy in Yemen, Libya and Syria during the Obama administration; hence a reformation can be hoped for.


He also termed Trump’s 2019 withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria as  “a huge mistake and something that we’ll pay for”. Surely one can think of Blinken to act in favour of the restoration of same.

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conclusion of Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy

Agreeable Trump administration messed around a lot. They littered the world with incoherent policies and many US relations were compromised in the process. Countries lost the thread of reliability that actually tied the ends together.

Now we can anticipate what Biden cabinet nominees tell us about future US foreign policy, the people around the world can watch for restoration of lost values and relations. As Biden points his intent of reviving America, the leaders around the world eyes for their future buildout.

Unlike the way affairs were handled in Trump administration, we may witness more wholesome developments.


Be it U.S-China trade war or ill-handling of migrant policy, the new nominees will definitely stand for more responsible and humane manner of dealings. The jitteriness due to black movement will be pacified and diversity shall be encouraged.

The conflicts aroused in Middle East undoubtedly won’t see a reoccurrence.

Although the incoming team seems keenly aware of the concerns, we will have to wait for reality to set in. The nominees are undoubtedly experienced.

A sensible, accountable and rational policy framework is what we all can look out for.


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