farm laws

Farm Laws and its possible drawbacks

If one utters the word “agriculture”, India is the first country that will always click. The reason being India is one of the world’s largest producers of pulses and spices. Agriculture has been the most important sector for the Indian economy for past years. Because

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armenia and azerbaijan

Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict: EXPLAINED

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is an ethnic and territorial conflict over a disputed region called the Nagorno-Karabakh. Internationally and geographically this region is recognized as de jure part of Azerbaijan. Christians majorly dominate Armenia. While Azerbaijan is an Islamist country, but people of

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digital education

Digital education amid corona: Was India ready?

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the hindrance of significant institutes and work spheres and several fields. Education, among many other industries, has taken a hit for the worse. Notably, for India, education wasn’t the brightest star in the galaxy.   Even in the pre-pandemic times, the

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Within recent years, the evident friendship between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi has been no secret to the public or the media. However, is it possible that this friendship will remain beneficial for both the countries even in the future? Or is there a possibility

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what if gandhi ji visits india | GENUINE MATTERS


First of all Happy Gandhi Jayanti to all of you. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we thought to illuminate the condition of current India in the perspective of Gandhi Ji. Here is a small task for you to imagine Gandhi Ji in his spectacles,

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why india needs more blood donors


Hello there, how many of you have donated blood? And How many of you donate it regularly? Today is National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. And India is currently suffering from a blood crisis due to imposed lockdown. However, people have again started participating in blood

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undernutrition and obesity

Why Undernutrition and Obesity need your attention?

Isn’t it harrowing, that India in global hunger index 2019 stands at 102 out of 117 Countries, and ranks 3rd in obesity after America and China? India despite being among the fastest-growing economies is still compared to Nigeria and Africa when it comes to the

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coaching centres

Coaching Centres do they make or mar our future?

Think of all the coaching centres you know now? (Yes, all the names because I won’t mention any name) This is a mandatory article for all children and parents before they enrol in any coaching centre. Before getting started I want to mention a few

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top island destinations

Island destinations to visit after Pandemic.

There are over 2000 islands in the world. What is it that you seek in them if you visit one?

Is it a break from the tumultuous life, lying on the golden sand, or sipping a refreshment under the sun together with the view of the serene sea? Or the romantic sunsets and exotic dinner dates on the shore with your better half celebrating your wedlock? Or some adventurous kicks to meet your adrenaline high through water sports?

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Imperfectly perfect

Imperfectly perfect!!!

So basically this story is based on incidents that happened in my life which taught me a lesson. Nothing is perfect but we can make it perfect in your own way whether it’s a situation, person, relationship or anything. And that justifies the title.

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Banner of Flood crisis in India: A call for better flood management

Flood crisis in India: A call for better flood management

the gray side of monsoon is the flooding of Assam, Bihar, Mumbai every year. Flood like any other natural disaster brings enormous loss to property and life. The government spends a hefty amount to restore the flood-affected places. What can control theses recurring floods?

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Kerala air India flight crash

What happened in Kerala’s Air India Plane crash?

On Friday evening at around 7:30 pm IST an Air India Express flight IX 1344 under Vande Bharat mission with 191 people on board overshot the runway, fell into a valley and broke into two killing over 18 people including both the pilots. According to FlightRadar24, a flight-tracking website, the aircraft circled the airport several times and made two unsuccessful attempts to land amid the heavy rainfall in the area.

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pneumonia and serum institute of india

Pneumonia vaccine by Serum Institute of India

According to the reports of UNICEF in 2019, India accounts for 1.27 lakh deaths every year because of pneumonia. approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) for Serum’s brand new indigenous vaccine against Pneumonia.

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CyberSecurity in India banner

Cyber Security in India: Importance and Drawback

India is among the top 5 countries to be affected by cyber-crimes. remember the Union Bank of India Heist (June 2016), and Petya ransomware (June 2017). There is a cyber attack in every 39 seconds. So, how to ensure cyber security?

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JIO digital life

Recent investment in JIO and future plans

google invested in Jio platforms for 7.7% minority stakes that mark the 14th mega-investment in the company in the last 58 days. A cumulative total of Rs 1,51,325.45 crores was invested in Jio platforms amounting to a total of 32.97% stake making it a net debt-free company

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preventing suicide

Responsibilities of society in preventing suicide

suicide is that war where everyone is at the risk of dying and anyone can help the other person from attempting suicide. We cannot just leave a person with suicidal tendencies to die. We all have to play a significant role to prevent the rates of suicide rising.Together we can bring a change. And this change will be a valuable one

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work from home pros and cons

Work from Home: Pros and Cons

during COVID-19 and the declaration of full lockdown, most of the IT companies, the education sector, and some other firms started working in isolation that is they initiated the work from home ideas. So is work from home the future for coming generations?

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in-space launching of isro satellite

IN-SPACe private sector in ISRO

On June 25, 2020, the government gave its green signal to private industries in India space program. IN-SPACe will be backed by the ISRO experts team and headed by a technology expert as they have to deal with various technology related aspects in the space sector.

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world zoonoses day

Zoonotic Diseases: Animal to Human Threat

Those diseases which transmit to humans through an animal are called Zoonotic Diseases.now we are living in crowded and unsanitary conditions, where food is prepared right next to sewer and corpses, rodents and cockroaches pollute the river water. maintain proper hygiene, keep vaccinating your pets, and eat healthy and cooked food.

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