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Start-ups have been contributing to shaping India’s economy in a very positive way and that is why a lot of importance has been attached to them. One of such successful startups is Nineleaps which has been recognized as one of the top 25 Indian start-ups by LinkedIn.

The story of Nineleaps, from its inception to its current position in the world market, has been fascinating and it surely incites the curiosity in us to know it more.

Let us unfold the journey and story of Nineleaps – the engineering company which is driven by passion and motivated by challenges.

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How did the story of Nineleaps start?

IIT Madras

The story of Nineleaps began when two graduates from IIT Madras – Divy Srivastava and Vivekanand Jha – became acquaintances through a mutual friend


In 2008 they decided to bring together their love for technology, software, and coding into one place leading to the establishment of Nineleaps in 2014.

Earlier in 2009, they frankly had no clue how to go about it.

It was only when a common friend of theirs asked for assistance regarding the creation of some software product and they easily helped their friend.

This small success worked as a guiding light for a bigger idea.


Their main focus initially was on creating and providing software products to other big companies and industries and most of their projects were handed to them through referrals

Despite their lack of expertise in various subjects like the stock market, their demand was increasing as they were with time, getting better at handling projects even of different domains altogether. 

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The starting phase of nineleaps

Client management

Their sheer determination to expand their start-up pushed them to put more effort into and fight all the adversities standing in front of them.

There were many obstacles in front of them then – from dishonest clients to limited resources – but they still anyway decided to glue themselves together through thick and thin.


According to Divy and Vivekanda, the starting phase was nothing but a learning experience that only helped in concretizing the foundations of Nineleaps.

They not only learned to build various technological products but also understood how to handle a business or more specifically a start-up. 

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Core values of nineleaps

Core values of nineleaps

They were determined enough to make their start-up work by expanding their company’s boundaries to various domains – from building software products to making technological products for stock traders, retailers, health insurance companies to even working for a chess tournament!

Their main focus was not on getting work in return for a reduced cost, but to provide quality products at reasonable costs.


They charged according to the type of project they handled. The payment also varied with varying clients – for some, it was a one-time payment, whereas for some it was based on royalty charged on each product they created.

The start-up has remained loyal to its very principles it started with.

Divy shared in one of his interviews that it is the expertise in data engineering, services, and algorithm which has helped them in creating effective products and even leaving enough room for their innovation and creativity.

The technological product creator does not belong to a specific industry as such in the present economy, but that does not mean it does not have a place.

Tech in nineleaps

It surely has made a big name in the commercial market by competing with many big companies and start-ups to enjoy the position in the prestigious top 25 Indian Start-Ups list published by LinkedIn not once by twice in a row!

This reflects a lot about the progress of the start-up.

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Is Nineleaps ready for all the challenges? 

The motto of Nineleaps is

“driven by passion, motivated by challenges”. 


Nineleaps have around 60 per cent of its clients from abroad and the rest from India.

They have been very transparent with their work and have always tried to convey their lack of knowledge in any specific domain of knowledge that they are not very confident with.

But that does not mean they are ready to leave the project and move on.

They take the domain as a challenge and try to learn as much as they can and from their experience, they successfully try to create a product out of it.


They know that they have to learn a lot of new things and they are still learning. To make sure that they have the best of talents, they have even come with their software which helps in filtering engineers from colleges that are not just limited to IITs.

The software they have created has various assessment tests like analytical and aptitude tests. More than 20000 assessments have already been carried out and they have been very successful in hiring young talents from across the country.

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What is the future of Nineleaps

Inside nineleaps

The founders are very optimistic about the development and progress of their start-up.

They know that more effort and passion in terms of sharpening their skills and expertise to provide quality services will help them in the long run.


They believe that their passion for their work is the driving force that pushes them to get better every day. 

With a core team of around 450 members, the story of Nineleaps today have been very successful in giving opportunities to young and bright minds and spreading their technology, data, and analytics backed start-up across diverse groups of industries. In the coming years, Nineleap will spread more and take the giant leap! 

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