Bigbasket’s Inspiring story and great Strategies.


In our dynamic world, filled with innovation and improving technology, it is not easy to keep up with the fickle-minded consumers and compete with experienced competitors like Amazon and Flipkart.

It takes a lot to build an image on an e-commerce platform and BigBasket has overcome multiple obstacles and is now the leader in the online grocery marketplace.

What was BigBasket’s former name?

Bigbasket co-founder

Their story begins in 1999; the five founders – VS Sudhakar, Hari Menon, Vipul Parekh, Abhinay Choudhari, and VS Ramesh, started their first on-line shopping business in India known as and expanded by starting a web groceries business in 2001 as a part of Fabmart.

They also built a successful offline grocery supermarket chain – Fabmall, operating across South India. In 2006, they sold their business and the stores now operate under the name: More supermarkets by Aditya Birla Group. 


In 2011, the founders reunited again and brainstormed on new methods to get back on their original idea of coming up with an online grocery store and soon launched

Since the beginning of the lockdown, BigBasket receives around 2,00,000 lakh orders a day and has still maintained to live up to its twenty-four-hour delivery guarantee.

BigBasket’s Business Model Evolutions

Bigbasket Business model

When BigBasket started its operations, it adopted a purchased-to-order model. In this model, the delivery executive directly picks up the item from the retail merchant and delivers it directly to the client. 

Later they adopted an inventory model for most of their products. Through this model, the company procures the products directly from suppliers like P&G, HUL, farmers & mills and stores them in its warehouses.

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Big Basket also sources several perishable food products like fruits and vegetables from the mandis and other alternative places, which helps fulfill the customers’ daily needs. 

To serve the hyper-local sentiment of the customers, Big Basket has been implementing hyperlocal methods and has joined hands with more than 1,800 neighborhood grocery stores across India to deliver products within an hour. 

BigBasket has launched the following new schemes over the last two years:

  1. BB Daily: A subscription-based plan for fruits, vegetables, bread, dairy, poultry, breakfast cereals, tender coconut, etc., for each or alternate days.
  2. BB Instant: It ensures that you get your basic wants covered 24*7.
  3. BB Beauty: It takes care of all beauty and personal care needs in one place.

BigBasket’s Strategies for Online Presence

Bigbasket advertisement

Creating an online presence has become the need of the hour for every business, to thrive, gain competitive advantage and be successful.


BigBasket analyzed the needs of its customers and thorough research on the growing online shopping sector, BigBasket has revolutionized the online shopping experience, making it comfortable and easy, and is now one of the favorite platforms for grocery and essentials.

Let’s check out the various digital marketing strategies:

  • Search Engine Optimisation: BigBasket has managed to attract maximum traffic on its website by improving its organic search rankings. They used SEO to do this and establish their brand presence. They targeted keywords like online grocery shopping, grocery online, online grocery, grocery shopping online, online grocery store, online supermarket, and dry fruit online; whenever anyone looks up for these keywords, Big Basket’s links will be among to first search results. 
  • Social Media Marketing: One of the most important factors for any business to improve its presence online is social media marketing. The company has established a strong presence on various platforms through various creative campaigns, which have attracted more customers and increased traffic. Some successful campaigns were: 
  • #GharLeAoBigBasket: The company launched this hashtag on Facebook with the idea to make their followers see how and in what ways they would benefit from Big Basket.
  • #DetoxWithBB: This was launched on Instagram, they posted health tips in the form of pictures of detoxifying foods which they sell and helping their followers achieve a better diet.
Bigbasket influencers
  • Shah Rukh Khan commercial Ad: In this Ad, the famous actor tries to convince Ratna Pathak Shah about Big Basket in a quirky way, while also answering some FAQs about the quality and the services provided by the brand.
  • Content Marketing: The company maintains a YouTube channel, named where new videos about the products, their usefulness, features, etc., is uploaded. The company is committed to building an interactive relationship with their customers, they maintain a dialogue in the form of reviews, suggestions, funny content like gifs, memes, and organizing various contests and offers.
  • Online Reputation Management: The reviews shared by the customers on the famous and most visited sites like Trusted Company, Quora, Google Play Store, and Yahoo Answers really helped the company grow and spread the word about Big Basket’s services and quality products.
  • Influencer Marketing: Big Basket collaborates with various social media influencers from different fields to create buzz, start a conversation, or inform and review the various products from fitness and health to beauty and care. A fine example would be collaborating with the Bollywood Mega Superstar Shah Rukh Khan to be their Brand Ambassador.


Marketing strategies

There are many methods through which one can become a market leader but to find the right combination of marketing strategies among other tactical moves is what makes or breaks a company’s future.

Big Basket took its time, the founders gained experience with Fabmart understood the market they were getting into and its target audience. It was this research and insight that helped them grow and compete.


Big Basket has proven to be one of the best places for online grocery shopping and using the right tools of digital marketing it is now the leader.

Guest Author: Somya Pansari

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