Imperfectly perfect!!!


You all must have watched “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani”. Do you remember Naina? My life was like her. Typical ‘padhaku’ type girl, taking life seriously, not having fun, doing everything on time…

But then comes the twist. Life is unfair you know. Something happened that changed everything.

I came to know that I’m having a disease and it may cause death too.

Honestly speaking I was too scared at the time, anyone would be but I was much more. Wanna know why? 


I haven’t had fun in my life. There were so many fantasies to be fulfilled, so much to do but what if I die. All these thoughts were going on in my head. But this was not it guys. 

Due to that disease, I had an eye infection in my right eye and coz of that I was partially blind for almost 1 month.

There were so many tests were being performed every day, blood samples were being taken, still getting goosebumps while writing. It’s a nightmare for me.

And all these were going on in my drop year when I was preparing for JEE. Nothing was going right. I was literally depressed. 


Nothing is purely perfect but you can make it imperfectly perfect

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This was the turning point of my life. Somehow I got my sight back and the disease got less active. Still remember, that day I looked at my room for an hour. I could have quitted but I didn’t.

I gathered the courage and I was ready to lose but not quit, not at all. This thing changed me completely. I started looking at life with a very different perspective. Coz I knew the aim of my life.

And that’s why I wasn’t afraid to be failed since my aim is to be happy, not to be rich, not to be perfect but to be happy. And everyone’s ultimate goal is to be happy only.

Then why should we get sad for things that are much little in front of our ultimate goal? All of us are doing injustice with ourselves. We ourself make us suffer for a little failure so much that we forget about the main goal.


I’m going to share something that is going to change the flow of the story… 

The moment I realized this I fell in love with myself, yeah myself. The first person to be fell in love with should be you yourself.

A lot of things happened with me and in the past few years, I have experienced so much that even if I die today I’m not going to regret man!! I have done everything to make myself happy and still doing.

I’m not telling you to not think about your parents, friends, colleagues… You should serve them as well coz that will make you happy too but your first priority should be you.


Life is not perfect but you can make it perfect in your way. I could have quit but I didn’t everything was imperfect so I decided to make it imperfectly perfect… 

You gotta love yourself first man!! Things will seem easier then. Have a great life! 

Just remember you are perfect, imperfectly perfect!!!

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