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Why Undernutrition and Obesity need your attention?

Isn’t it harrowing, that India in global hunger index 2019 stands at 102 out of 117 Countries, and ranks 3rd in obesity after America...

What happened in Kerala’s Air India Plane crash?

On Friday evening at around 7:30 pm IST an Air India Express flight IX 1344 under Vande Bharat mission with 191 people on board overshot the runway, fell into a valley and broke into two killing over 18 people including both the pilots. According to FlightRadar24, a flight-tracking website, the aircraft circled the airport several times and made two unsuccessful attempts to land amid the heavy rainfall in the area.

Responsibilities of society in preventing suicide

suicide is that war where everyone is at the risk of dying and anyone can help the other person from attempting suicide. We cannot just leave a person with suicidal tendencies to die. We all have to play a significant role to prevent the rates of suicide rising.Together we can bring a change. And this change will be a valuable one

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