Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict: EXPLAINED


The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is an ethnic and territorial conflict over a disputed region called the Nagorno-Karabakh. Internationally and geographically this region is recognized as de jure part of Azerbaijan.

Christians majorly dominate Armenia. While Azerbaijan is an Islamist country, but people of both countries have a right to practice their religion. 

The reason why Armenia controls Nagorno-Karabakh is that a vast majority of this realm is dominated by Armenians; and only a small percentage of people from Azerbaijan. This is why the region is supported by the Armenian government both militarily and politically.

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The Origin of the Armenia and Azerbaijan War

armenia and azerbaijan conflict

The war between these two countries has its origins in the late nineteenth century. And this unsolved conflict has continued for almost three decades. But both nations had lost their independent kingdoms centuries ago to neighboring empires.


Several pieces of research show that genetic traces of both ethnicities are intertwined; but the language, religions, and customs may have had a change over time.

The essence of both communities, along with several other ethnic groups share the heritage of the Caucasus region.

The conflict over this region of land had prevailed for an extended period. When a multifaceted antagonism developed between the Armenians and Azeris under czarist Russian rule.

lost lives

A large population of people had to face inconvenience. People lost their lives, and several had to leave their homes.


In 1994, Russia intervened, and there was a ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The Reason for the Recent Conflict

map of armenia and azerbaijan conflict

The recent conflict between the two countries started on the 22nd of July, 2020. Violent clashes broke out between the two countries due to which a few people lost their lives.

This resulted in an eruption of public anger. The people of Azerbaijan demanded the government to take possession of the land.

In the course of a few days, both countries started making accusations, which looking from the outside, it is difficult to tell which country is at a higher fault.


It’s is unclear what flared this conflict. However, the people of Azerbaijan say they initiated the attack. Because Armenia killed a few people of Azerbaijan.

And Armenia claimed that Azerbaijan had disrupted the peace of their country.


Why is this conflict between azerbaijan and armenia is getting a lot of attention?


The reason why this conflict has been getting attention now is due to the involvement of big countries like Russia and Turkey, Turkey and Russia have always had political conflicts.

The Turkish leader wishes to replace Saudi Arabia as the leader of the Islamic world. This is resulting in political disputes between Russia and Turkey.


Turkey is an Islam majority country, so they are in support of Azerbaijan.

Russia has a military base in Armenia. It is involved in an intergovernmental military alliance with Armenia, and other former soviet states the Collective security treaty organisation (CSTO).

Therefore, it is tough to identify the direct role of Russia in this conflict. Because Russia supplies arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The involvement of Russia and Turkey is making this conflict look even more significant.


But both Russia and Turkey know that the ongoing political conflict can cause massive damage to the interests of the neighbouring countries as well. 

The international relations between Russia and Turkey levy on trade and interests of the two countries. 

Russia has a supply of natural gas and high technology military goods such as the S-400 missile defence system.

And turkey is both a consumer and a transporter country for Russia. So it has a =n vital role to play in Russia’s economic and trade plans.


In front of the world, Russia always takes up a balanced position; and it was also Russia that intervened in 1994.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin has appealed to both countries for a cease-fire.


war memorial

This unconcluded dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh is one of the most disturbing unsolved conflicts in the Caucasus region,

Because it involves two sovereign states and because the involvement of central regional dominance has differing stance towards the issue.


The Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts also threaten to spill over and impact provincial oil and gas infrastructure.

“There’s no threat to energy,” Sarkissian said, describing the notion that the skirmishes represent a threat to international oil and gas pipelines as “absolute nonsense.”

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